Down in the Desert-Kids Sand Art Terrarium with Glow Creatures

This post brought to you by ACTIVA Products.  Love Sand Art?  You’ll love ACTIVA–makers of radiant colored sand and air dry clays!Tucson hot air balloon in desert via Candie CooperWould you like to riiiide in mah beautifulll baloooon?!


Guys, it’s winter here.  These posts could get cheesier and cheesier as the snow and cold drag on.  I took a photo of the snowy backyard yesterday for my friend that’s in Florida.  When I looked at it, I literally had to check to see if I accidentally hit the black and white filter.  THAT is how gray it was.

Speaking of backyards, let’s rewind to two weeks ago when I was in sunny Tucson for the gem show.  Calgon, take me away.  Look at all this sunny desert!?  Those snowbirds are livin’ right!  One day on our way to work, we saw a hot air balloon pretty low to the ground.  Sure enough, it landed in the road because there wasn’t enough wind.  Seven people piled out of that thing!  It was beautiful in that brown desert.  HUGE!
ACTIVA Sand Art Terrarium Kids Craft Idea with glow in the dark creatures7When I came home, I was ready to bring a touch of desert home and make a fun kids project.  Plus, it never hurts to bring some color inside during winter!
ACTIVA Sand Art Terrarium Kids Craft Idea with glow in the dark creatures21This faux terrarium goes together in a snap!  The best part is you can’t kill the plants or the pets!  I’m all for low maintenance these days…
ACTIVA Sand Art Terrarium Kids Craft Idea with glow in the dark creatures20Materials List:

ACTIVA colorful sand in desired colors (1 lb bags).  I love that this product is made in America by the way!

-Fish bowl or jar

-Glow creatures

-Plastic Succulents

-Large flatback gems

-Rocks or twigs

*You can find the glow creatures and faux succulents at the Dollar Tree
ACTIVA Sand Art Terrarium Kids Craft Idea with glow in the dark creatures19First, cut a corner from the package and pour in the sand–so fun watching sand drizzle out of a bag.

These are the days of our crafty lives…

You can tap the glass bowl down on the table to gently level out the sand.
ACTIVA Sand Art Terrarium Kids Craft Idea with glow in the dark creatures18Repeat adding more layers/colors of sand.
ACTIVA Sand Art Terrarium Kids Craft Idea with glow in the dark creatures17Looks like the painted desert right?
ACTIVA Sand Art Terrarium Kids Craft Idea with glow in the dark creatures16Remove the plants from the pots by plucking them out of the foam.
ACTIVA Sand Art Terrarium Kids Craft Idea with glow in the dark creatures15Nestle them down in the sand where you like.
ACTIVA Sand Art Terrarium Kids Craft Idea with glow in the dark creatures14Add rocks and glow creatures!
ACTIVA Sand Art Terrarium Kids Craft Idea with glow in the dark creatures12And gems!  A little sparkle ain’t ever hurt nobody!
ACTIVA Sand Art Terrarium Kids Craft Idea with glow in the dark creatures13There are lots of craft supplies that would be fun to add to the terrarium.  Little signs, pom poms, glass pebbles….  Look around the house and see what you have.  You could paint the rocks to add even more color.
ACTIVA Sand Art Terrarium Kids Craft Idea with glow in the dark creatures10SO fun!  I know this is a kid project, but I had a blast putting it together.
ACTIVA Sand Art Terrarium Kids Craft Idea with glow in the dark creatures9ACTIVA Decor Sand comes in a ton of colors too.  You can find it in the floral section of the craft store or online.
ACTIVA Sand Art Terrarium Kids Craft Idea with glow in the dark creatures5ACTIVA Sand Art Terrarium Kids Craft Idea with glow in the dark creatures1ACTIVA Sand Art Terrarium Kids Craft Idea with glow in the dark creatures3ACTIVA Sand Art Terrarium Kids Craft Idea with glow in the dark creatures6ACTIVA Sand Art Terrarium Kids Craft Idea with glow in the dark creatures7Optionally, you could add a blacklight to make the terrarium glow even more.  Can you tell I’ve really thought about this?

ACTIVA for American made colorful sand.

Until next time!

Fourth of July Charm Bracelet…

Stuff 622

Happy Fourth of July!  How about a Stars and Stripes charm bracelet?  Quick to make, this piece makes a real “bang” (sorry couldn’t resist) on your wrist!  You need:

  • Star or patriotic charms
  • Glass discs and loops (Links by Plaid Enterprises, find em’ at Michaels)
  • Super big jump rings (also by Plaid @ Michaels)
  • Bracelet

See photos for connections—trust me, it’s easy peasy, kiddies! 

Stuff 617 copy  

Check out Katie’s blog for another super star Fourth of July jewelry project!

Now run off and light a sparkler for me—I still like to write my name when I get my hands on one.  Love that hissing crackling noise lit sparklers make too.  Be safe and have a happy day—-take it from me who lives in a c()mmun!st country, Independence is a fabulous thing!

Birthday Boat Ride…

Boat in HK



It was a good birthday—thank you for all the sweet wishes.  After I did some bead shopping for my book projects in Hong Kong, Butch and I met up for a little shopping.  Then we were sitting next to the water, taking a rest and saw this really cool mysterious boat pull up—-the one that looks like a pirate ship.  As it turns out, you could take a spin on it.  And so we did.  Who can resist a boat that looks like the Black Pearl?!? 


The boat had very comfy seats and served drinks.  The only thing missing was Johnny Depp.  By the time the ride was over, we were so relaxed we didn't know what to do with ourselves.  Love it when that happens.  So we headed up to the Intercontinental for an early dinner and watched the sun set on the harbor.  It was a great day.

P.S. Like the first picture?  Make your own with this very cool photo time machine that I stumbled upon today.  Careful, it's addicting.

Swan Link(s)….


I awoke to an email with this picture from my parent’s neighbor John.  Thank You John!  My parents live just two houses down and every year these swans come around daily, knocking on cottage doors for bread.  Ok, they don’t have to knock.  Are there one or two swan families this year, John?  We usually have a North and South clan…rivals, of course.  We’ve seen a few gang fights take place out on the middle of the lake too, staking territory.  Oh, I could go for a cup of coffee on Mom and Dad’s deck this morning.  We’ve solved more than a few of the world’s troubles looking at that lake and those trees over there….missing you guys today. Jewelry Making
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I’m here…


Hey peeps!  Thanks for all the nice messages about the kids’ projects.  Their enthusiasm really showed through in the pendants.  There have been a wind fall of random happenings around here.  It’s been crazy—-toilet troubles, Rocker’s vaccination drama, fixing said toilet (I only wish I had enough nerve to show you the plunger I had to buy.  Seriously.  It looked more like an Oscar award than a plunger.), trip to the bead market, and spending every other waking moment back in my little work room.  Rocker is nudging his way under my arm as I type this—-he’s been pretty dramatic ever since he got his shots Saturday night.  Boy, he can lay it on thick with those puppy dog eyes!!!  Speaking of, it’s time to take him down for "last call."  He’s got his head on my keyboard now letting me know he’s ready.  Ok, Rocker, ol’ boy.  Such a doll.  Here’s a picture of my new best friend from the bead market yesterday.  I hope you’re all having a great day.  I’m off for some zzzzzzS.



It’s Friday! I still have so many Kathmandu pictures to share and this is one of them.  There are lots of closet like shops lining the alleyways of the city.  This lady was the greeter in front of a fabric shop.  I have to say, sometimes I felt like I also needed a helmet walking down the streets of Kathmandu with all the crazy bikes and motorcycles. So fun. 

Speaking of fun, yesterday a friend texted me, frustrated about somthing and she said "quick, tell me something funny."  It was right when Butch and I were leaving for the gas station (which is only a convenient store that I call a gas station for old times sake) to get a diet coke.  Just a second later, Butch (whose real name is Gary) scoops Rocker up under his arm as he tells him to "get on the bus."  I bust out laughing at the thought of Gary being the bus and Rocker being on it.  Sometimes the Chinese call him Jerry….and so do I.

FYI:  Artgirlz just hopped on the myspace bus and they need some friends.   As of now, they have me and Tom.  I think I forgot to tell you I have a myspace page.  Let’s be friends over there too!

Ornament Thursday-Get Lucky!


It’s that time again~Ornament Thursday is here.  This month’s project was inspired by some little four leaf clover and plastic disc charms I found in Hong Kong.  Lucky is the theme.  Luck.  Get Lucky.  Lucky Charms.  Good Luck.  Just My Luck.  Bad Luck.  Luck Be A Lady. Wish Me Luck.  …For Good Luck (i.e. a Rabbit’s Foot).  Lucky Duck.  Did I miss one?  Leave a comment.  I’ve always thought of myself as lucky.  I know studies have been done on people who think they’re lucky vs. not.  Who knows?!?  I’m also superstitious.


I took a crafty break today and whipped up these earrings.  Yes, I said a crafty break from crafting.  I decoupaged the top layer of the printed napkin to the back with Mod Podge.  Wahhooooo!  I loved the texture that came through.  Lucky I found that cool napkin in my paper stash!

I recommend renting Darby O’Gill and the Little People to watch while you make your earrings.  Although, I warn you that song they sing will be in your head for the rest of your life. 

To celebrate St. Patty’s I propose we do a Lucky Charms give-away.  Ok?  Good.  Leave a comment by Monday, March 3rd @ Noon EST.  Here’s the charms you’ll win…BE Lucky!


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