Fourth of July Charm Bracelet…

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Happy Fourth of July!  How about a Stars and Stripes charm bracelet?  Quick to make, this piece makes a real “bang” (sorry couldn’t resist) on your wrist!  You need:

  • Star or patriotic charms
  • Glass discs and loops (Links by Plaid Enterprises, find em’ at Michaels)
  • Super big jump rings (also by Plaid @ Michaels)
  • Bracelet

See photos for connections—trust me, it’s easy peasy, kiddies! 

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Check out Katie’s blog for another super star Fourth of July jewelry project!

Now run off and light a sparkler for me—I still like to write my name when I get my hands on one.  Love that hissing crackling noise lit sparklers make too.  Be safe and have a happy day—-take it from me who lives in a c()mmun!st country, Independence is a fabulous thing!


  1. How lovely to celebrate the holiday with a lovely charm bracelet!! Wishing you a beautiful 4th even though you’re far away!!

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