I’m here…


Hey peeps!  Thanks for all the nice messages about the kids’ projects.  Their enthusiasm really showed through in the pendants.  There have been a wind fall of random happenings around here.  It’s been crazy—-toilet troubles, Rocker’s vaccination drama, fixing said toilet (I only wish I had enough nerve to show you the plunger I had to buy.  Seriously.  It looked more like an Oscar award than a plunger.), trip to the bead market, and spending every other waking moment back in my little work room.  Rocker is nudging his way under my arm as I type this—-he’s been pretty dramatic ever since he got his shots Saturday night.  Boy, he can lay it on thick with those puppy dog eyes!!!  Speaking of, it’s time to take him down for "last call."  He’s got his head on my keyboard now letting me know he’s ready.  Ok, Rocker, ol’ boy.  Such a doll.  Here’s a picture of my new best friend from the bead market yesterday.  I hope you’re all having a great day.  I’m off for some zzzzzzS.

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