Ornament Thursday-Get Lucky!


It’s that time again~Ornament Thursday is here.  This month’s project was inspired by some little four leaf clover and plastic disc charms I found in Hong Kong.  Lucky is the theme.  Luck.  Get Lucky.  Lucky Charms.  Good Luck.  Just My Luck.  Bad Luck.  Luck Be A Lady. Wish Me Luck.  …For Good Luck (i.e. a Rabbit’s Foot).  Lucky Duck.  Did I miss one?  Leave a comment.  I’ve always thought of myself as lucky.  I know studies have been done on people who think they’re lucky vs. not.  Who knows?!?  I’m also superstitious.


I took a crafty break today and whipped up these earrings.  Yes, I said a crafty break from crafting.  I decoupaged the top layer of the printed napkin to the back with Mod Podge.  Wahhooooo!  I loved the texture that came through.  Lucky I found that cool napkin in my paper stash!

I recommend renting Darby O’Gill and the Little People to watch while you make your earrings.  Although, I warn you that song they sing will be in your head for the rest of your life. 

To celebrate St. Patty’s I propose we do a Lucky Charms give-away.  Ok?  Good.  Leave a comment by Monday, March 3rd @ Noon EST.  Here’s the charms you’ll win…BE Lucky!


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  1. Candi,
    It’s so fun reading your blog. Sorry we didn’t get to see you on your last visit. Love reading about your stuff and the creative crafts you show. Happy St. Pat’s Day. Sue Gray

  2. Neat Earrings! Love them! HaHaHa taking a break from crafting to do some crafting, that’s great!

  3. Looking Good………
    John and Rita

  4. Hey Ms. Cooper
    Nice work! These are most cool and tres chic! I’m a Mod Podge-a-holic. Seriously…it’s addictive.
    Luck of the Irish.
    That’s my contribution!

  5. Faith and begorrah- a St. Patty’s fan! Thanks for the chance to win some lucky charms. May the “little people” keep you healthy and safe.

  6. Found you through Melissa at Strands of Beads, whom I love to read. Awesome ear-rings and who can’t use a little luck these days?

  7. simplybeadiful says

    Just stumbled across your blog…what luck! Love the charms… those little earrings are more plucky than lucky but who knows? I will be back to read more! Thanks for the inspiration. Where can I get fun stuff like that if I don’t live where you live?

  8. Cool find in Hong Kong – love the earrings!

  9. I ran across your blog when I was following all of the “Ornament Thursday” links. I love your super Lucky earrings and charms!

  10. Thes earring are so CHARMNG!!! and the colors are perfection! xox jean!

  11. These are AWESOME!!! šŸ™‚ Hali

  12. You find the greatest stuff!! Love the earrings. The Spring issue should be in the office tomorrow (I hope). e-me at the office so I know where to send yours!

  13. Hmm, how about lucky phrases that don’t mention luck, like “Break a leg”? And don’t you say “blue skies” to pilots? Anyway, I love the earrings! I’m a big Mod Podge fan, myself…

  14. Hmm, how about lucky phrases that don’t mention luck, like “Break a leg”? And don’t you say “blue skies” to pilots? Anyway, I love the earrings! I’m a big Mod Podge fan, myself…

  15. Thanks for reminding me that I feel truly lucky…I needed it today, as I am losing my job and I have a job interview.
    The earrings are lovely.

  16. Candie Cooper… cute, cute, cute!

  17. Candie Cooper… cute, cute, cute!

  18. I absolutely LOVE those earrings! they are so cute!

  19. Love the 4 leaf clovers! What fun earrings! We can all use a little luck…

  20. How fun! I love the clovers. Hope I’m lucky this time around!

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