It’s Friday! I still have so many Kathmandu pictures to share and this is one of them.  There are lots of closet like shops lining the alleyways of the city.  This lady was the greeter in front of a fabric shop.  I have to say, sometimes I felt like I also needed a helmet walking down the streets of Kathmandu with all the crazy bikes and motorcycles. So fun. 

Speaking of fun, yesterday a friend texted me, frustrated about somthing and she said "quick, tell me something funny."  It was right when Butch and I were leaving for the gas station (which is only a convenient store that I call a gas station for old times sake) to get a diet coke.  Just a second later, Butch (whose real name is Gary) scoops Rocker up under his arm as he tells him to "get on the bus."  I bust out laughing at the thought of Gary being the bus and Rocker being on it.  Sometimes the Chinese call him Jerry….and so do I.

FYI:  Artgirlz just hopped on the myspace bus and they need some friends.   As of now, they have me and Tom.  I think I forgot to tell you I have a myspace page.  Let’s be friends over there too!


  1. Look at all those fabrics…oh to rummage through there…

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