Birthday Boat Ride…

Boat in HK



It was a good birthday—thank you for all the sweet wishes.  After I did some bead shopping for my book projects in Hong Kong, Butch and I met up for a little shopping.  Then we were sitting next to the water, taking a rest and saw this really cool mysterious boat pull up—-the one that looks like a pirate ship.  As it turns out, you could take a spin on it.  And so we did.  Who can resist a boat that looks like the Black Pearl?!? 


The boat had very comfy seats and served drinks.  The only thing missing was Johnny Depp.  By the time the ride was over, we were so relaxed we didn't know what to do with ourselves.  Love it when that happens.  So we headed up to the Intercontinental for an early dinner and watched the sun set on the harbor.  It was a great day.

P.S. Like the first picture?  Make your own with this very cool photo time machine that I stumbled upon today.  Careful, it's addicting.


  1. Oh what a lovely time you had and a very Happy Birthday to you, Candie!! The boat is really fabulous and what an amazing job you did on the photo. I visited the site but I’m unable to read the language – thanks though!! ~Sharon
    Hi Sharon-responding to your comment this way… In the top right screen, I think I saw an “english” button. If that doesn’t work, just click the box to the right of the open box (browse), find your picture and then click the blue box below the open box. Voila! It’s a very cool way to time travel…and inexpensive. šŸ˜‰ Candie

  2. Happy belated birthday!
    When I was a little girl, I lived in Hong Kong and my parents owned a junk. One of my earliest memories is of falling off and watching the boat getting further away…

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