Sweet Dreams

Rocker 1

 This is what Rocker does when mama's been on a work trip.  He hijacks whatever has your clothes in it.  In the past, a suitcase.  This time a laundry basket full of clean clothes (which smell amazing afterwards by the way…sigh, cuteness wins again).

Rocker 1

 Ain't nobody going nowhere.  Sweet. Dreams.

My Roomate…

Stuff 1089

Rocker.  Good ol’ Rocker.  We wake up, go on a long walk and then this is his station allllll day.   He sleeps in his new pillow bed up on the couch.  And I am so envious sometimes.  He’s been up clickity clacking around on the wood floors the past two nights.  Last night because I forgot to fill his dish to the brim with water.   The night before because I forgot to bring his food into the bedroom (both Butch’s jobs).  And yes, we carry his food in and out from the kitchen to the bedroom nearly everyday.  He’s a prince and we live to serve him.  LOL.  He’s also a killer because he wakes me up and then I have a hard time falling back to sleep and it seems he can be sawing logs in 2 minutes flat.  Typical man, I guess. 😉



Butch and Rocker just came in from a diet coke run.  "Rocker’s got a new girlfriend" were the first words out of Butch’s mouth.  "What happened to Kiki?"  "She’s out, Spotty’s in," he said.  I keep meaning to take my camera down to take a movie of Rocker and Kiki playing cat and mouse.  She’s three times his size and likes to beat up on him while he cuts in and out of tight spaces so she can’t get him.  Ah, love.  I’m working on some deadlines at the moment and as I crazily spun around to get something I see Rocker sniffing out some beads I left on the couch.  He’s getting an early start on his Mother’s Day gift, I’m pretty sure.

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But then again, a nap sounds pretty good too.  Hope you’re all having as relaxing a weekend as Rock is.

Please help…


Some of  you know, we adopted Rocker from a lady here who rescues dogs that are sick and homeless.  Rocker had skin problems, been scratched up by wild cats, and could barely stand up when she found him under a tree.  She nursed him back to health and three months later we took him.  I don’t have to tell you how much we love this dog and how much joy he has brought to our lives.  If you hop around blog-land you may have seen calls for donations to A Place to Bark-Bernie Berlin’s shelter.


Here’s the scoop copied and pasted from her website….

A Place to Bark is participating in a challenge being offered Six Degrees, partnered with the Case Foundation and Parade on America’s Giving Challenge. The four USA charity badges that have the most unique donors through the America’s Giving Challenge will receive $50,000 for their cause. We are entered in this contest and need the help of each and every one of you. The Challenge ends on January 31, 2008 at 3:00 pm EST. Each $10 donation gets us one step closer to winning a grant of $50,000!!!

So please, go to A Place to Bark, follow the instructions, and donate. You can also see photos of the animals you will help by donating.  If it weren’t for people like Bernie, there would be no Rockers.  Let’s help her to give these animals a safe and loving shelter.   Remember—You only have until January 31st at 3:00 EST!!!  Thanks in advance, you guys are awesome!–XX, Candie

**Edit 1-30-08–I finally got the badge (below) to work so you can donate directly from here.Yay!**

Sorry Rocker…


I’ve been working on some projects lately that are for Rocker’s people.  I made the mistake yesterday of letting him test-drive one.  He loved it so much, I had to wrestle it away from him!  Which is good and bad.  This is him staring up at it on the shelf…whimpering. I tried to explain to him that the folks probably don’t want these things pre-blessed with his slobber.  He didn’t care.  Fifteen minutes later he left the sewing room.  "He’s ticked," I yell out to Butch.  "I know.  He’s trying to tell me all about it."  I go out to the living room to find Rocker curled up on Butch’s lap, sulking.  That’s life with the perpetual 3 year old.  It’s on the list to make Rocker a toy of his own.  Have I told you he sleeps in the bed with us now?  Suckers.  We are (happily).

Another Rat in the House…


Rocker’s favorite baby-sitter and I were at Ikea the other day.  She came up to me with this in her hand.  "I think Rocker needs this."  "You’re his Aunt!" I say as I chuck the disgusting, yet sort of cute rat into my ginormous Ikea yellow shopping bag.  Spoiled.  Really.  I didn’t give it a second thought.


Turns out Rocker is in love with Rat.  Rat hasn’t left Rock’s sight in the last week.


Mr. S says it’s Rat’s paws (or is it feet?) that make him gross.  I disagree 100%.  It’s after Rocker chews on Rat’s tail for a half hour that makes him gross.


Sigh.  (I know you know what I’m going to say next)  We just love this dog…even if he does have a crush on smelly ol’ Rat.

Lazy weekend…

Well, for Rocker anyway.


It was an uneventful weekend.  Pretty low-key as we say back home, well, except for the howling typhoon winds. Yep, it’s typhoon season which equals a lot of staying inside and thoughts of crafting a holster for my umbrella. I like the rain, but the idea of getting "taken out" by a flower pot that’s blown off someone’s balcony doesn’t exactly thrill me.  Therefore, we hold an umbrella when we take Trocker out.  We worked on the apartment a little more.  It’s a slow gig finding homes for all our stuff.  Yesterday, I walked down to the studio to do a few things, then came back and fixed chili.  Yes, I’m now the proud owner of galoshes….or galosheRs.  Have galoshes, will walk in the rain in Ch!na!  We also watched the scariest movies:  1408 and Mr. Brooks.  Yikes!  Two in a row!  I do love to be good n’ scared once in awhile.  After this I’m thinking of putting in 16 Candles (to wash away the scary-ness).  A favorite of mine since I don’t know when.  I’ve seen it a kagillion times.  I can still hear my dad groan when he would see what was on the television.  I not only owned it on tape, but I think TBS played it once a week or something.  And if it wasn’t 16 Candles (btw, I own the DVD now)  it was Dirty Dancing.  More groans.  (I’m laughing, poor dad)  But, they’re classics, absolute classics. And on that note, I can’t type another second, because I’m off to find the DVD case.

I hope you all had a nice weekend. 🙂