Sorry Rocker…


I’ve been working on some projects lately that are for Rocker’s people.  I made the mistake yesterday of letting him test-drive one.  He loved it so much, I had to wrestle it away from him!  Which is good and bad.  This is him staring up at it on the shelf…whimpering. I tried to explain to him that the folks probably don’t want these things pre-blessed with his slobber.  He didn’t care.  Fifteen minutes later he left the sewing room.  "He’s ticked," I yell out to Butch.  "I know.  He’s trying to tell me all about it."  I go out to the living room to find Rocker curled up on Butch’s lap, sulking.  That’s life with the perpetual 3 year old.  It’s on the list to make Rocker a toy of his own.  Have I told you he sleeps in the bed with us now?  Suckers.  We are (happily).


  1. Poor Rocker.

  2. Oh he looks soooooooo sad.
    I can’t wait to see you in Anaheim!

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