Lazy weekend…

Well, for Rocker anyway.


It was an uneventful weekend.  Pretty low-key as we say back home, well, except for the howling typhoon winds. Yep, it’s typhoon season which equals a lot of staying inside and thoughts of crafting a holster for my umbrella. I like the rain, but the idea of getting "taken out" by a flower pot that’s blown off someone’s balcony doesn’t exactly thrill me.  Therefore, we hold an umbrella when we take Trocker out.  We worked on the apartment a little more.  It’s a slow gig finding homes for all our stuff.  Yesterday, I walked down to the studio to do a few things, then came back and fixed chili.  Yes, I’m now the proud owner of galoshes….or galosheRs.  Have galoshes, will walk in the rain in Ch!na!  We also watched the scariest movies:  1408 and Mr. Brooks.  Yikes!  Two in a row!  I do love to be good n’ scared once in awhile.  After this I’m thinking of putting in 16 Candles (to wash away the scary-ness).  A favorite of mine since I don’t know when.  I’ve seen it a kagillion times.  I can still hear my dad groan when he would see what was on the television.  I not only owned it on tape, but I think TBS played it once a week or something.  And if it wasn’t 16 Candles (btw, I own the DVD now)  it was Dirty Dancing.  More groans.  (I’m laughing, poor dad)  But, they’re classics, absolute classics. And on that note, I can’t type another second, because I’m off to find the DVD case.

I hope you all had a nice weekend. šŸ™‚


  1. Ha, I love Mr. Brooks. Dane is the man! 16 candles is a great way to wash away the scaryness though. :- )

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