Another Rat in the House…


Rocker’s favorite baby-sitter and I were at Ikea the other day.  She came up to me with this in her hand.  "I think Rocker needs this."  "You’re his Aunt!" I say as I chuck the disgusting, yet sort of cute rat into my ginormous Ikea yellow shopping bag.  Spoiled.  Really.  I didn’t give it a second thought.


Turns out Rocker is in love with Rat.  Rat hasn’t left Rock’s sight in the last week.


Mr. S says it’s Rat’s paws (or is it feet?) that make him gross.  I disagree 100%.  It’s after Rocker chews on Rat’s tail for a half hour that makes him gross.


Sigh.  (I know you know what I’m going to say next)  We just love this dog…even if he does have a crush on smelly ol’ Rat.


  1. Okay that is so cute I can not stand it!
    Rocker loves Rat!

  2. Rocker rocks. Love the last pic!

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