Butch and Rocker just came in from a diet coke run.  "Rocker’s got a new girlfriend" were the first words out of Butch’s mouth.  "What happened to Kiki?"  "She’s out, Spotty’s in," he said.  I keep meaning to take my camera down to take a movie of Rocker and Kiki playing cat and mouse.  She’s three times his size and likes to beat up on him while he cuts in and out of tight spaces so she can’t get him.  Ah, love.  I’m working on some deadlines at the moment and as I crazily spun around to get something I see Rocker sniffing out some beads I left on the couch.  He’s getting an early start on his Mother’s Day gift, I’m pretty sure. Jewelry Making
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But then again, a nap sounds pretty good too.  Hope you’re all having as relaxing a weekend as Rock is.

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