My Needle Felted Scarf and Simplicity’s new Needle Felting Machine

Simplicity cover
Have you seen Simplicity's new needle felting machine?  Last summer I went to Cleveland to film a quick info-mercial about it.  Click the link above to see the skinny.  When I returned home, I made a scarf for Simplicity using the machine.  It has been making it's way around the magazine-sphere (Altered Couture above).      

Scarf ad

 This is an ad from an upcoming Cloth, Paper, Scissors (Interweave).  You can use all your favorite silk and wool fabric scraps plus colorful roving to make it.  Check out the instructions here.  It's so easy to make!

Fiber Fests and Class with Me




Several of you have been emailing about upcoming fiber activities!  Here's the skinny!

There are many upcoming fiber festivals including one in Portland, IN and Solomon Farm in Ft. Wayne, IN.  I've been to both and they are great for adding all kinds of fiber to your stash, taking classes, meeting super cool people, and seeing things like sheep shearing, spinning, and weaving in action.  Get your crafty gal pals and go!

Also, I'm offering a wet and dry felting exploration with silks, wool, and alternative embellishments at the Honeywell Center.  This is going to be a really fun class with lots of color and neat techniques.  Check out the Honeywell site for details.  If you took my fiber collage class (see photo above), you're going to love this class as we will add to your mad fiber skills.  I promise! 

XO, Candie

Felted Purse


This is a little pocket purse I made years ago.  I felted objects between the layers of wool—a bottle-cap and piece of stainless mesh.  It was pretty plain, so I added some red stitching around the edge…..

some dangling jewelry elements….

Photo-12 1

a ribbon and button tie closure…..

And donated it to the Women's Clubhouse fundraiser here in town.

The thing I learned is that we really do get better with age.  Surfaces become richer and the tiny details become more important.

Felty Fiesta…


copyright DRG, October 08'

Since we're getting all felty with it….Check out my Felty Fiesta necklace using Ornamentea's felt loops in the October issue of Simply Beads magazine!  The loops are fun to stitch on. 

IMGP1578 (Small)

This would also look pretty cool in bracelet form.  Next time, I'm going to try needle felting some polka dots and stripes around the sides of the loops and then stitch beads on top.

Pass the Fruity Felty Pebbles Please!


I can’t decide if these should be beads or refrigerator magnets.  2 cents welcome.  One thing’s for sure, I was happy with how summery they came out.  Sometimes I think wool material suggests warm and wintery, but these tutti-fruity bobbles proved me wrong! 


Fairly fast to make also.  There are needle felted bead projects in my book or the new Designer Needle Felting book from Lark (which comes out Oct. 1st.)  For materials, all you really need are felt balls, a felting needle, a bit of wool, and some embroidery floss.  Simply, poke the wool down in carefully with a felting needle and then embellish with embroidery floss. Now go on with your bad selves and get felty!

More Felty-ness…


I came across this photo tonight.  I’d forgotten all about these little cuties!  I made them with felt balls and beads.  Super easy!  There are so many great beads in the shape of heads on the market right now too.  Check here for felt balls, here for some perfect head beads and here for some lovely things that could perch upon a felt ball.

Staying up late tonight to get some work done.   Do you love Waylon Jennings’s voice as much as I do?


A few minutes ago I was starving and we have NO food in the apartment. Notta, Zip, Zilcho! I’m not exaggerating-I ate the last two pieces of bread for lunch.  As I was surfing the baron fridge, I spied the brownies my pal, Krissy, hooked me up with earlier this afternoon.  TG…and Krissy!  I loved the wrapping so much I had to take a picture of it.  Little foil squares so they didn’t stick together.  We love that kind of clever-ness around here.  So yummy, I could barely press the shutter button fast enough with the right hand because the left was reaching for another bite!

Did I ever tell you I have Rhapsody-the music station that lets you access a kazillion cd’s and such.  It’s a lifesaver for me.  When’s the last time you listened to Prince’s Kiss, Extended Version?