Pass the Fruity Felty Pebbles Please!


I can’t decide if these should be beads or refrigerator magnets.  2 cents welcome.  One thing’s for sure, I was happy with how summery they came out.  Sometimes I think wool material suggests warm and wintery, but these tutti-fruity bobbles proved me wrong! 


Fairly fast to make also.  There are needle felted bead projects in my book or the new Designer Needle Felting book from Lark (which comes out Oct. 1st.)  For materials, all you really need are felt balls, a felting needle, a bit of wool, and some embroidery floss.  Simply, poke the wool down in carefully with a felting needle and then embellish with embroidery floss. Now go on with your bad selves and get felty!


  1. What about sewing a pin back on one? Then you could wear it on a coat lapel. But, I like the firg magnets too. For me, these are just too big for beads (though just my personal taste there).

  2. love them! I would make them into a necklace. Maybe do a rosary type with big bright beads. very summery.
    I’m a big fan of the needle felting and beading. here are some seashells that I made last year:

  3. Oooh! Those are delicious! They’d be perfect buttons on a dressy-fun sweater. I have just the sweater for them and now I know what I need to be makin’!

  4. hello Candie,
    they really look like fresh and delicious.they perfectly match with my bags and i will make necklace.nice job!
    i have your book”felted jewelry” and love it.the necklace on the cover is my favourite….
    Ece from Turkey

  5. Another thought, they would make really cute buttons for a tote bag. Perhaps with some fruity fabric and a ribbon loop around it?

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