My Needle Felted Scarf and Simplicity’s new Needle Felting Machine

Simplicity cover
Have you seen Simplicity's new needle felting machine?  Last summer I went to Cleveland to film a quick info-mercial about it.  Click the link above to see the skinny.  When I returned home, I made a scarf for Simplicity using the machine.  It has been making it's way around the magazine-sphere (Altered Couture above).      

Scarf ad

 This is an ad from an upcoming Cloth, Paper, Scissors (Interweave).  You can use all your favorite silk and wool fabric scraps plus colorful roving to make it.  Check out the instructions here.  It's so easy to make!


  1. Hi – I’m always looking to expand my repertoire with new techniques and felting looks like fun. I’ve looked at a few books and the basic techniques look easy enough but where can I get the fibers to do the felting?

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