Fiber Fests and Class with Me




Several of you have been emailing about upcoming fiber activities!  Here's the skinny!

There are many upcoming fiber festivals including one in Portland, IN and Solomon Farm in Ft. Wayne, IN.  I've been to both and they are great for adding all kinds of fiber to your stash, taking classes, meeting super cool people, and seeing things like sheep shearing, spinning, and weaving in action.  Get your crafty gal pals and go!

Also, I'm offering a wet and dry felting exploration with silks, wool, and alternative embellishments at the Honeywell Center.  This is going to be a really fun class with lots of color and neat techniques.  Check out the Honeywell site for details.  If you took my fiber collage class (see photo above), you're going to love this class as we will add to your mad fiber skills.  I promise! 

XO, Candie

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