Felty Fiesta…


copyright DRG, October 08'

Since we're getting all felty with it….Check out my Felty Fiesta necklace using Ornamentea's felt loops in the October issue of Simply Beads magazine!  The loops are fun to stitch on. 

IMGP1578 (Small)

This would also look pretty cool in bracelet form.  Next time, I'm going to try needle felting some polka dots and stripes around the sides of the loops and then stitch beads on top.


  1. I loved the colors, Candie !
    Fun, funky and upbeat!

  2. Oh that’s a lovely necklace! Have you ever tried making those beads? Gave a whirl once and my hand ached for days, ugh! Ornamentea is a much better alternative!!

  3. Ohh fun and colorful!

  4. Hi, Candie. I love this project. The colors are fantastic!

  5. Wow…I love that! Really unusual and festive…

  6. I love your blog and could easily comment on each post. I love the colors of these and the rings. I do a lot of work with DRG, but mostly Sewing Savvy and Quilt World.

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