Make your own Boho Pottery Dishes

This post brought to you by ACTIVA Products–makers of the best air dry clays!ACTIVA PRODUCTS Boho Dishes with black Plus clay17In college, I took a few courses in ceramics.  I had the best instructor–Dana.  She got me hooked on “hand-building” which simply means using your hands to construct a piece from clay instead of the pottery wheel. This is a really easy project that you can do at home.
ACTIVA PRODUCTS Boho Pottery with black Plus Clay--airdry clayI’m using ACTIVA Plus clay in jet black.  You can buy it at your local craft store or online and it comes in other colors; white and terra cotta.
Air Dry clay Idea - ACTIVA PRODUCTS Boho Pottery with black Plus clay4This is my craft-only rolling pin.  I roll the clay out to about 1/8-1/4″ thick.  It may take a couple tries to get it just right.
ACTIVA PRODUCTS Boho Pottery with black Plus clay-texture with @plaidcrafts wood block stampsFor texture and design, you can stamp it with these wood block stamps.  The black ones are the real deal from India.  The white ones are from Plaid Enterprises–I saw them in Hobby Lobby or you can get them online. Stamped-ACTIVA PRODUCTS Boho Pottery with black Plus clayStamp your piece so you get an all over pattern.
Making bowls with ACTIVA PRODUCTS Boho Pottery with black Plus clayYou can use an extra large circle cookie cutter to cut out a circle or use a knife with round template (like a plate).ACTIVA PRODUCTS Boho Pottery with black Plus clay--stamp the edges to add textureStamp the edge a little more if you like…
ACTIVA PRODUCTS Boho Pottery with black Plus clay--smooth out the clay with a little water and your fingerthen dip your finger in water and run it along the edge of the clay to smooth out.
ACTIVA PRODUCTS Boho Pottery with black Plus clay--pat the clay into the bowl form (pie plate)Drop your piece into a plastic lined mini pie plate (or other bowl form) and set in the sun to dry.
ACTIVA PRODUCTS Boho Pottery with black Plus clay-dry the bowls in the sunshineOnce the front is set up, you can pull them from the pie plate, flip over and leave to dry completely.  You could also put them by a heater.
ACTIVA PRODUCTS Boho Pottery jewelry dishesTo finish, I sprayed them with clear Krylon gloss spray paint.  Then, I dipped a paper towel in water and Apple Barrel white acrylic paint and rubbed over the surface of the bowl.  Use a dry paper towel to wipe up excess paint.  Optionally, you can seal them again with the Krylon gloss paint.

Why spray them with gloss first?  Because this seals up the clay surface so the paint doesn’t get too settled into the porous surface.ACTIVA PRODUCTS Boho Dishes with black Plus clay17You know I love jewelry–and these bowls are just the thing to keep on my dresser to hold it all.  Now I only need about seventy-five more.

**These are not food-safe.  For pretties only.

Kids Watercolor Art Project Idea

Paul Klee Kids Art Project via CandieCooper.comI’m just going to start this post off by saying, I just watched the ZEDD concert on #GMA this morning.  He’s only 24.  He had the Central Park crowd so pumped up.  It gave me goosebumps.  But the part that made my eyes tear is when after the song Clarity was over…HE clapped for his audience.  Am I getting old if stuff like this warms my heart?  Gratitude really is beautiful.

Ok, Cooper, get it together.

In my past life, I went to school to be an art teacher.  I never ended up in the traditional classroom, but have always enjoyed keeping my foot in the children’s art world.  I’ve done that through a variety of ways the past few years, designing kids art and craft projects for the industry, teaching at the Honeywell Center (our local art center) and hosting a children’s craft show on PBS.  I’ll show you more later, but the primary focus of the newly renovated White House is to create experiences for children to make things.  Creativity builds self esteem and good for problem solving skills (plus a whole. lot. more).  I want to promote this!  Once a week, I’d like to share a kids project over here on my blog.  I hope it inspires you to make things along side your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, bible school groups, or even at lunch time with your colleagues simply to take time to play.

This project requires: Oil pastels, Watercolor paper, a pencil, tube of watercolor pigment, soft large paint brush, a pencil and eraser.

These are the brands I use when making this project.  To be totally honest, I’ve worked with both of the below companies in the past through different projects.  However, neither are paying me to promote them right now.  I use these companies art materials because I know they work.  The paper isn’t going to fall apart if it gets a little too wet and the oil pastels are going to be bright and go on easy.  I also believe it’s better to create within your budget than to not create at all.  Ya feel me?

Here are some Amazon links:

Sakura Craypas and Koi Watercolors

Canson Watercolor PaperPaul Klee Kids Art Project with Water Color and Sakura CraypasThese are a few shots from a class I taught at our local art center.  We worked with about 45 kids at a time in a big gymnasium.  Sometimes I forget to take pictures with all that excitement.

This class started out by discussing Paul Klee’s Sun and Castle.  We talk about what shapes they see and then what they think those shapes might actually be.  I love hearing their answers.

Then they set to drawing their own geometric town or neighborhood or castle or a house (or whatever the painting just inspired them to do).

I’ll insert a video of this project at the end so you can get the full skinny.Watercolor Painting for KidsWe had trays of Craypas on the tables and then one big long table set up with bowls of watercolor wash ready to roll.  You’ll also want to have paper towels on hand in case they want to blot some of the excess wash off.  When it comes to mixing a watercolor wash, I go pretty strong with the pigment/water ratio.  Start with a teaspoon of watercolor and add a 1/3 cup of water, mix and see if you like the effect on a scrap piece of paper.  Adjust if needed.  I store leftover washes in the fridge in tupperware (probably should label them too).  Craft supply hoarders unite!Paul Klee Kids ARt Project ExampleThis class had 5 year olds up to teens making it.  That’s one of my favorite things about this project in that a wide age range loves the art making process.

Paul Klee Kids Art Project Example 2Alrighty–now here’s the video how to.  Message me if you have questions!  Thanks for peeking and happy creating!

And please don’t judge for that Diet Coke I accidentally left on the stove during the video taping. Momma needs her caffeine.


Learning to Paint Again…

Photo(12)As I write this, "bust a move" is on the radio.  "If you want it, you got it."  We're not talking about the same things, but it's a true statement. My song goes like this. I've been wanting to paint.  The other day I stopped into one of my favorite stores and it so happens they were offering oil painting classes.  $20 for 3 hours.  If you want it, you got it!  Perfecto!  So I got some supplies together and away I went.   I'm not going to lie, I was a little scared.   The anxiety of transferring 3D images to flat….ugh.  Yesterday was my first time oil painting since I took it at Purdue (maybe in 02/03ish?).  I had a great professor then, and my instructor yesterday rocks too!

Photo(11)To add to it, everyone in the class is really fun.  This is the still life I am painting from.  3 perfect pears.  They won't look so very perfect in my painting, but I'm ok with that.  Do you love that fabric?  It's going to make me crazy to paint.

Photo(13)This is how I left my painting yesterday.  Next week I will block out the fabric and start adding more layers to the other areas.  This class is my sudoku puzzle of sorts and I needed it.  What are you doing to challenge yourself?  I find if I don't learn something new or challenge myself, I get so blahhhhh. 

I’m Painting the Roses Red…

if there were any roses to paint.  It’s been soooooo muggy, rainy and gloomy this week (which sans muggy, I secretly love, but this is not really a secret if you’ve been here before).  But, with all this sporadic typhoon rain, something happened that I can’t believe I’m admitting to:  I wore my galosheRs with yoga pants to the studio on Tuesday.  That’s gotta quite possibly be a first or second degree fashion crime.  I’m not going to lie to you, it wasn’t pretty especially while sporting a ratty paint shirt and Swarovski earrings.  Oh, hell nightmare.  Whatta train wreck!  I blame it all on the earrings.  Once you put on sparkly earrings, nothing else matters.  True?


I really wanted to show you these paints from Ranger Ink  They’re called Paint Dabbers and they sort of resemble a BINGO dabber or is it dobber?  Maybe that’s how they say it where I’m from.  Anywho, let me tell ya, a little dab won’t do ya here, get one in every color!  I used them with rubber stamps–just dab the stamp with the foam tip, no brush needed.  You can also remove the lid to access the paint.  Very multi-functional and the colors are outta-sight super!

Today’s note to self:  Check fashion laws on wearing galosheRs with denim skirt.