I’m Painting the Roses Red…

if there were any roses to paint.  It’s been soooooo muggy, rainy and gloomy this week (which sans muggy, I secretly love, but this is not really a secret if you’ve been here before).  But, with all this sporadic typhoon rain, something happened that I can’t believe I’m admitting to:  I wore my galosheRs with yoga pants to the studio on Tuesday.  That’s gotta quite possibly be a first or second degree fashion crime.  I’m not going to lie to you, it wasn’t pretty especially while sporting a ratty paint shirt and Swarovski earrings.  Oh, hell nightmare.  Whatta train wreck!  I blame it all on the earrings.  Once you put on sparkly earrings, nothing else matters.  True?


I really wanted to show you these paints from Ranger Ink  They’re called Paint Dabbers and they sort of resemble a BINGO dabber or is it dobber?  Maybe that’s how they say it where I’m from.  Anywho, let me tell ya, a little dab won’t do ya here, get one in every color!  I used them with rubber stamps–just dab the stamp with the foam tip, no brush needed.  You can also remove the lid to access the paint.  Very multi-functional and the colors are outta-sight super!

Today’s note to self:  Check fashion laws on wearing galosheRs with denim skirt.


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    I understand if you would rather I didn’t.
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