Red Carpet Ready–A Blog Hop Featuring FAB DIY Earrings

File Feb 15, 9 28 22 PMHey everybody, I’m throwing an impromptu party to celebrate the upcoming Oscars!  You’re invited to add links to your DIY red carpet-worthy earrings this coming Thursday here on my blog.

I’m a big movie and fashion fan and this is one tv night I don’t miss.  Join me for this hop!  It’s easy!

When:  Feb. 18th, 2016 (this Thursday)

How:  Pop over to this page 8AM EST (or after) and insert your link!

Then: comment on others links and share on your social media channels so others can enjoy the partyRed Carpet Ready Blog Hop on Candie Cooper's blog

Also:  Feel free to use the image in your shout outs!  Share with others <3!

I’ve been noticing a lot of petite elongated, designs on the awards shows and this was the inspiration for the hop.  I’ll be posting my project on Wednesday night to kick the link-up party off on Thursday morning–8AM EST.

See you there, party people!!

Locomotive No. 765

Locomotive no. 765 in WabashLocomotive no. 765DSC_21211Locomotive no. 765 in Wabash, IndianaLocomotive no. 765 came through town a couple weeks ago.  It’s a passenger train.  My mom was having a fit I was standing so close to the tracks taking pictures.  I turned to get out of the way and then she was the one standing too close.  Ok kettle.  The whistle was exactly how you want a “choo-choo” train to sound.  It rained tiny crumbs of coal.  The passengers waved.  We waved back.  Drones flew overhead. Pennies were smashed.  Needless to say, times have changed…but not.

There were people from all over th midwest to see this train pass through town.  Remarkable.

The dog days of summer are here and things have slowed down as much as they will with travel.  We are living on sweet corn and tomatoes (and a little ice cream…ok a lot says the girl who had a diet coke float for lunch).

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I’m off to get ready for our yard sale!

DIY Hair Fascinator for Prom


It's prom time!  I secretly wish I could wear this little number.  Anyone else?  My studio is a few doors down from Ellen's dress shop.  I've been enjoying their ever changing windows with all the different prom dresses, picking my favorite.  Naturally I start thinking about accessories for these dresses (and my prom days, waiting for Seventeen magazine's special issue on the subject).   My gram always made my flowers.  My inner 17 year old self would have to have a foo foo hair fascinator this year.  They are easy to make with a few supplies.  Keep it simple or funky, embracing indivdual style.


You need: a cloth headband, big flower, feathers, a stem of sparkle stones, wire cutters, scissors, hot glue, basically.  Just walk around the craft store, you'll find some fun stuff!


Arrange your pieces on the head band and hot glue as you go.  It helps to work in front of a mirror so you can get an idea of where the pieces will actually be.


And there you go, Buttercup!


The sparkle stem is from Hobby Lobby by Prima and the silk flower is from JoAnn's by Plaid Enterprises.  (Cue Footloose soundtrack)

Making Rainbows


Hello there!  This is my little window herb garden that's kept me going through winter.  Rosemary, mint, and lavender (left to right).  Nothing beats sweet potato fries with fresh minced rosemary and sea salt.  It's almost time to put them back outside.  Yay!  The other thing I wanted to show you are the prisms we hung over the weekend.  Yep, it's rainbow city at about 8:30 AM here (sun willing).


This picture doesn't do the room justice because there are a hundred rainbows bouncing from ceiling to the floor.  Trust me, it makes you feel so happy.  The prism thing started when I was a kid.  My gram has three or four hanging in each window in the living room from pretty ribbons. Us girls would sleep on the floor or couch and wake up to what seemed like a million rainbows.  Magical.  You can pick prisms up for $6 and up depending on the size.  Both gram and I agree that the smaller ones with simple facets make the best rainbows—bigger isn't always better maybe?  This might be a case for Myth Busters. Well, actually, I know that to be true because just the other day I was wearing Swarovski droplet earrings that made rainbows all over the car.  Hmm, I know someone out there knows the reasoning for this.  Until then, I'll just keep letting the light in.

Labor Day Weekend Fun

I remember as a kid that Labor Day was kind of the "last hoorah" of summer.  We always spent it at the lake.  I'm just throwing this little idea out to you kids of all ages— if you have an extra $10 in your pocket, pick up a *bubble machine and some bubbles for this weekend.  Make it a surprise for your kids, your college roommates or even your spouse that you've been married to for 40 years.  Everyone likes bubbles.  

In other news, I'm up to my ears in instruction writing and shooting how-to photos for my new book.  Things are moving right along and I can't wait to show it to you!!  Yay!


*I got the bubble machine at Walmart ($6.28)

Vintage button necklace…

This is what you get after watching a night of royal wedding coverage.  I'm serious!  It all happened so subconsciously.  A pretty vintage button, a few crystals, some nostalgia and blingo!  And besides, anything to use a vintage button for jewelry, right?  To make this I used a large Katiedid component, Beadalon gunmetal chain, button with round shank on back, Swarovski crystals, 3mm coral beads, and a Vintaj Arte metal leaf charm. Also, I sanded the Katiedid and put a coat of liver of sulphur on it….to antique it a bit, you know?

The button with a round shank on the back made it so I could string it just like a bead with the same head pin it's hanging from.  Use a touch of tubing on both sides of the shank to center it—no adhesive required (jic you want to use your button for something else later on).  Ok?

I've always loved vintage.  If I was going to prom, I would wear this little gem.  Or the Royal Wedding for that matter.  Hey, a girl can dream!

Rice Krispie Treat Nests

This is an ol’ family favorite treat.  My grandma has made these every Easter for as long as I can remember.  She puts a basket of individually wrapped Rice Krispie Treat Nests out and we nibble on some and stash a few in our tote bags for later.  They are especially good for Monday morning breakfast because it’s a little piece of the weekend to soften the blow of the work week.

There are lots and lots of versions for how to make them—see picture ideas here.  I use the original recipe and keep my hands super buttered when forming the little nests.  Drop in some Jelly Belly’s for eggs and wrapem’ in pretty cellophane.  Grandma puts Easter grass in the basket, then lays them on top.  Super duper cute and yummy!