Clover Cookies

 Shamrock cookies

 Happy St. Patty's weekend!  I stumbled across this picture from a couple years ago.  My gram left a bag full of sugar cookies on my stairs.  What a great surprise.  At the time, I was cutting books apart for a journal/recipe book class I was teaching.  I just wanted to savor the moment with a picture.  I'm glad I did.  Cut out cookies are always a good idea!


P.S.  My blog's look is still in makeover stage.  It's gonna take some time, but I'm learning a lot along the way.

Banana Empanadas

Empanada 1
Banana Empanadas.

Empanada 1

Awesome. Easy to make.

Recipe here.

Making Rainbows


Hello there!  This is my little window herb garden that's kept me going through winter.  Rosemary, mint, and lavender (left to right).  Nothing beats sweet potato fries with fresh minced rosemary and sea salt.  It's almost time to put them back outside.  Yay!  The other thing I wanted to show you are the prisms we hung over the weekend.  Yep, it's rainbow city at about 8:30 AM here (sun willing).


This picture doesn't do the room justice because there are a hundred rainbows bouncing from ceiling to the floor.  Trust me, it makes you feel so happy.  The prism thing started when I was a kid.  My gram has three or four hanging in each window in the living room from pretty ribbons. Us girls would sleep on the floor or couch and wake up to what seemed like a million rainbows.  Magical.  You can pick prisms up for $6 and up depending on the size.  Both gram and I agree that the smaller ones with simple facets make the best rainbows—bigger isn't always better maybe?  This might be a case for Myth Busters. Well, actually, I know that to be true because just the other day I was wearing Swarovski droplet earrings that made rainbows all over the car.  Hmm, I know someone out there knows the reasoning for this.  Until then, I'll just keep letting the light in.

Cabin Living and Pie Irons

Home 2
Greetings from a sweet little cabin!  I'll admit it took a minute to get used to the one room lifestyle, but now I love the simplicty of it.  And Rocker loves his big yard.  We're not sure if we can ever go back to city life.
Candie on the farm
This is what I look like on a lazy weekend.  My boyfriend gave me the camo hat.  That's what love does to you.  It makes you wear camo.  The first time in 32 years, people.
Rocker camo
Rocker got a camo hoodie for Christmas.  He's in love also.  Not so in love with having his picture taken.

Candie on the farm
These are some pictures from our Winter picnic we had a few weeks ago.  I checked the forecast and maybe we'll get some outdoor time in on Saturday.  Fingers and toes crossed.  In the picture, you'll see my favorite campfire activity (well, next to toasted marshmallows)—pudgy pies!  See the pie iron?  They make cute little toasted sandwiches like this:

Candie on the farm
Super cute, huh? And so yummy and fun to make!  You can put anything in them.  Pie filling, pizza stuff, or good ol' ham and cheese.  Sweet or savory, you and your family are going to love them.  Check out some ideas here.  Is the vintage plate too over the top?  I love contrast.  Camo hats and foo foo plates.  Pretty darn sweet.
**I wanted to give my friend Blake a shout out for making a giant "C" for the mantel.  If you're interested in getting your family initial, holler, and I'll pass his info along to you.  

Valentine Cookies and Painted Plates

2012 invite 21

 There's a lotta love in the air around here.  I hope you're feeling it wherever you are.  If you're local, come play with me at the annual Women's Lunch sponsored by the Wabash County Hospital.  It's an honor to be the featured lecturer.  Thank you, WCH!  


 Also, I was just chatting with my gram about baking.  We really want this book.   Gram's theory is that if you make 2 recipes out of it—it's worth it.  Not sure where she gets her numbers, but I like the philosophy.  Until it comes, here's a link to gram's sugar cookie recipe-just in time for weekend baking.  And hey, if you want to get really crazy, how about letting the kids paint a plate for the cookies–check out my easy painted plate tutorial here!



Sweet Potato Recipes

Salsa 1

I was just reading about the health benefits of sweet potatoes.  You probably already know this, but they are so good for you!  Recently, I made sweet potato salsa that was featured in THIS month's issue of EVERYDAY FOOD.  

Salsa 2

I loved all the chopping ahead of time and it looks like this when it's finished.  I served it with couscous and the next day over a salad—super fresh and awesome on a brisk night.  Ok, there are a couple slices of bacon in there too (which aren't so good for you, but I'm focusing on the positive).

A couple nights ago I tried this recipe—Sweet Potato Fries with Rosemary.  AWESOME!

Spicy Coconut and Sweet Potato soup is a fav too!

With Thanksgiving on our heels, I can't leave out Sweet Potato pie of which I use a pre-made crust that I'm not apologizing for.

I hope you're having an incredible Fall!

My Mom’s Cheeseball Recipe


I can't decide if it was more fun eating the above or listening to my mom explain how she made it so I could tell you lovely readers.  My mom doesn't measure so much.  We all know this and that is why she gets assigned food at family gatherings.  There is no questions, because you already know ahead of time that she makes a mean cheeseball, loaded veggie tray, or beautiful salad.  She also comes up with super fun group craft projects.  Those are your options and we love her for it.

So last Friday, I hosted a birthday party for my friend.  It was a lovely night!  The next day, I was nibbling on leftover chili and cheeseball and thought, I need to take a picture of this cheeseball for the blog.  You see, if you were to turn that cheeseball around you would see half of it is gone. Ravaged, really.  I now know why these are only made for celebrations because I would eat the whole dang thing myself.  I found a similar recipe here  or you can read on to see tidbits from the phone call to my mom, Jean.

*adding my mom's comments in ( )

  • 1 pkg cream cheese (I don't use generic for this–I get the real Philly kind.  Of course it's a lot easier if it's softened.  I just set the cream cheese out and worked on gluing some magnets for Kid-O-Rama (a big kids creative event happening the next day that she helps with).)
  • 8 oz finely shredded cheese (The mixed one, cheddar and..she or I can't remember.  The finely shredded cheese is the nuts!  We used to have to shred it by hand.)
  • minced onion (But I had some left over green onions from the salad you made the other night at our house so I used those. That's what made it really good.)
  • 2 tbsp milk (But, I didn't have any milk, so I used a little water.)
  • Worcestershire sauce (I'm not sure how much—a few shakes.)
  • Chopped pecans

Put the milk and minced onion in a bowl and let it sit until onion is softened.  Add cream cheese, cheese and Worcestershire sauce and mix.  Put mixture on a bed of saran wrap and form into a ball.  Sprinkle with nuts. Refridgerate.

Me at the end, "That's it?!?"  She says, "wellll, you can add some chopped ham if you want.  Sometimes I do that."  I guess I don't get out much when it comes to making cheeseballs.

That's me and my mom with our spiced cider.  We love spiced cider.

Wishing you a Happy Tailgating and Party Season!!