Valentine Cookies and Painted Plates

2012 invite 21

 There's a lotta love in the air around here.  I hope you're feeling it wherever you are.  If you're local, come play with me at the annual Women's Lunch sponsored by the Wabash County Hospital.  It's an honor to be the featured lecturer.  Thank you, WCH!  


 Also, I was just chatting with my gram about baking.  We really want this book.   Gram's theory is that if you make 2 recipes out of it—it's worth it.  Not sure where she gets her numbers, but I like the philosophy.  Until it comes, here's a link to gram's sugar cookie recipe-just in time for weekend baking.  And hey, if you want to get really crazy, how about letting the kids paint a plate for the cookies–check out my easy painted plate tutorial here!



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