Sweet Potato Recipes

Salsa 1

I was just reading about the health benefits of sweet potatoes.  You probably already know this, but they are so good for you!  Recently, I made sweet potato salsa that was featured in THIS month's issue of EVERYDAY FOOD.  

Salsa 2

I loved all the chopping ahead of time and it looks like this when it's finished.  I served it with couscous and the next day over a salad—super fresh and awesome on a brisk night.  Ok, there are a couple slices of bacon in there too (which aren't so good for you, but I'm focusing on the positive).

A couple nights ago I tried this recipe—Sweet Potato Fries with Rosemary.  AWESOME!

Spicy Coconut and Sweet Potato soup is a fav too!

With Thanksgiving on our heels, I can't leave out Sweet Potato pie of which I use a pre-made crust that I'm not apologizing for.

I hope you're having an incredible Fall!


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