My Mom’s Cheeseball Recipe


I can't decide if it was more fun eating the above or listening to my mom explain how she made it so I could tell you lovely readers.  My mom doesn't measure so much.  We all know this and that is why she gets assigned food at family gatherings.  There is no questions, because you already know ahead of time that she makes a mean cheeseball, loaded veggie tray, or beautiful salad.  She also comes up with super fun group craft projects.  Those are your options and we love her for it.

So last Friday, I hosted a birthday party for my friend.  It was a lovely night!  The next day, I was nibbling on leftover chili and cheeseball and thought, I need to take a picture of this cheeseball for the blog.  You see, if you were to turn that cheeseball around you would see half of it is gone. Ravaged, really.  I now know why these are only made for celebrations because I would eat the whole dang thing myself.  I found a similar recipe here  or you can read on to see tidbits from the phone call to my mom, Jean.

*adding my mom's comments in ( )

  • 1 pkg cream cheese (I don't use generic for this–I get the real Philly kind.  Of course it's a lot easier if it's softened.  I just set the cream cheese out and worked on gluing some magnets for Kid-O-Rama (a big kids creative event happening the next day that she helps with).)
  • 8 oz finely shredded cheese (The mixed one, cheddar and..she or I can't remember.  The finely shredded cheese is the nuts!  We used to have to shred it by hand.)
  • minced onion (But I had some left over green onions from the salad you made the other night at our house so I used those. That's what made it really good.)
  • 2 tbsp milk (But, I didn't have any milk, so I used a little water.)
  • Worcestershire sauce (I'm not sure how much—a few shakes.)
  • Chopped pecans

Put the milk and minced onion in a bowl and let it sit until onion is softened.  Add cream cheese, cheese and Worcestershire sauce and mix.  Put mixture on a bed of saran wrap and form into a ball.  Sprinkle with nuts. Refridgerate.

Me at the end, "That's it?!?"  She says, "wellll, you can add some chopped ham if you want.  Sometimes I do that."  I guess I don't get out much when it comes to making cheeseballs.

That's me and my mom with our spiced cider.  We love spiced cider.

Wishing you a Happy Tailgating and Party Season!!


  1. My Mom was always assigned the slaw. She was famous for it. After she passed away we found at least a dozen copies of her simple recipe. You see, she had alzheimer’s and was evidently afraid she would forget how to make it. We all know how to make Mary’s slaw now.

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