Repurposing a Brooch for a Veil Comb…


This is a piece I made for a special bride-to-be this past fall.  The Mother-In-Law to be commissioned it in hopes of incorporating a treasured rhinestone brooch that was her mothers.  You can see the snow-flake like brooch in the middle.   The dress was ivory so I used off white Swarovski glass pearls and crystals.  With a plain hair comb and a bit of 22g wire you can do anything!  Just anchor your wire to the comb with a few wraps and start stringing and wrapping.  To finish it, I sealed the wrapped area with a satin ribbon.  You can also paint a layer of E6000 over the ribbon and leave to dry overnight to create a bit of "grip".  Or you can always commission me to make one for you.  I don't have long hair, but if  I did I'd probably have a thousand of these things incorporating all kinds of brooches, feathers, charms and whimsies to pin my hair up in.

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