Screen it…

or bust! That's my motto!  I'm in Anaheim this week with Plaid Enterprises for the big Craft and Hobby Super Show and Trade show.  You could call it the big dance for crafters.  šŸ˜‰

Tshirt 1 (Small) 
I'm excited to be demonstrating one of the "Make and Take" crafts in Plaid's booth!  We will be using Simply Screen, an awesome and easy way to make your own custom screen printed t-shirts. 

Tshirt 2 (Small) 
You can find the Simply Screen line in major craft stores around the t-shirts, aprons, canvas tote bag section….you know the aisle!!  Tons of very cool designs and paint colors.  This is a great indoor winter activity to scare off the winter blahs.  Nothing says hope, like making a new t-shirt for summer…I always say. ;-)  Or wear a long sleeve t under your short sleeve so you can wear it right now (this is what I'm doing for one of the show days).

For those of you in the neighborhood, I'll be watching for you!

XO, Candie


  1. I have to make one of these…but I want to make a knitting one. That means I might have to make my own silk screen, and I haven’t done that since high school (nor do I think I have that kind of printer you need a fancy one). I’ll figure it out.
    I was thinking it might be neat to knit something on big needles (with acrylic, probably) then roll paint onto the knitted thing, then press it onto a t-shirt, so you get the design of your knit on the shirt. Then you could go from there. I must experiment.

  2. These are sure are cool t-shirts can you send me one too.

  3. Wow that’s a really cool design. thanks for the idea ! šŸ™‚ I actually wanted to make a custom t-shirt these days and I wasn’t sure what I should put on it.

  4. you’ve screened it nicely šŸ˜€

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