Picture Blocks…

Hello Crescendoh.com readers!  Thanks for clicking over…   It's an honor to be featured on Crescendoh-thank you, Jenny.  Dear readers, I do hope you find some fun ideas over here from food to crafts, I love living a creative life.

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These photo blocks seem really timely since I have a few friends with babies on the way.  I can see them tucked in a nursery with pictures of grandma and grandpa or siblings.  Although, I think they are fun for big kids (like me) too.  You can find sweet little blocks in antique stores and ebay for around $1 each. 

IMGP3474 (Small)

I pulled the twirly wire photo holders from a pre-made photo holder.  Michael's has some unfinished wood blocks with the coils right now for 99cents that you could use (they were tucked in a dollar rack at our store).  Drill a hole in the center of the block, string some beads and even a thimble on the wire and glue them in the hole.  Done!

A moment of silence now as this week I have managed to lose my SD camera card that had 1090 pictures on it.  Shame on me for not downloading them sooner.  Argh.  Lesson learned.  Although, maybe now that I have admitted to losing it to the world, it will turn up!  Fingers crossed.