Into the Woods Tassel Necklace

In To The Woods Tassel Necklace by Candie CoooperIn this Facebook Live Video I showed you how to make the Into the Woods Tassel Necklace.
This video was sponsored by Jesse James Beads and Beadalon, all opinions are my own.

In the video I show you how to layer a pendant with a tassel and how to do some basic wire wrapping. Tassels have been a hot trend for a while and something that I love to add into my jewelry. Tassels can be made from a lot of different materials but today I will be showing you a chain tassel.

This necklace features Jesse James Beads’ new collection, Into the Woods. This is a beautiful earthy collection that you could use in so many ways. This necklace could be made with any beads but the Into the Woods collection really gives the piece a unique edge.

Keep reading to see where you can purchase the other supplies for this project.

When you make this project you can select any color pallet that you like. You can try to mix different pallets to get a different look each time with the same technique. If you make this project head over to my Facebook page and post a picture so we can all be inspired! While you are there be sure to turn on the notifications to see the LIVE Facebook videos. There is a new video almost every weekday at 2:30pm EST.


We already talked about the beads needed for this tassel necklace but there are a few other items you will need to finish the project.

You can find wire and chain for this project on Beadalon’s website. If you need a bail making plies to complete the project you can pick up the bail making plier with your Jesse James Beads order or you can see the full selection of jewelry making pilers on Beadalon’s website.


Got Beading Wire? Four Necklace Ideas with Beading Wire

This post brought to you by BEADALON.  Thanks Beadalon for helping me to keep the lights on at my work bench.  All opinions shared here are my own.

Got Beading Wire?

Beadalon .024 Diameter Nylon Coated Beading WireSo after the post that explains all the ins and out of how to choose wire for beading, I thought it might be helpful to share some jewelry projects that actually use beading wire.  Here are 4 of my favorite DIY jewelry making projects that use various beading wires. All four of these necklaces can be made using Beadalon’s selection of beading wire.






DIY Jewelry Making Crystal Quartz Layering Necklace from Candie Cooper

The quartz layering necklace.  This jewelry piece has been a staple in my wardrobe with it’s neutral tones and exotic nature.
Illusion Layering Necklace with Beadalon WireThe illusion style necklace with .024in diameter gold, nylon coated wire.Quartz layering necklace–I wore this thing until it fell off!

DIY Jewelry Making Boho Bead and Chain Necklace tutorialBig chunky beads with Czech glass for the win in this fun necklace!

DIY multi-strand gemstone necklace with thick braided leather element

And the multi-strand gemstone Eden necklace to top this post off.

Just For Fun-Rose Opal Earrings

DIY Earrings from @candiecooperYesterday the rain hammered down on the roof.  I did a bit of housecleaning, picked up some nice things to eat for dinner and then surrendered to the couch.  Oprah’s channel was having a “Where Are They Now” marathon.  I’d never seen it, but watch one episode and you’re hooked.  Seven hours later….  LOL  There were lots of other things I could’ve, should’ve been working on, but instead I just spaced out.  I think I was in need of some couch potato time after working the last two weekends.

I feel better.

Now about these earrings…  Remember those sparkle statement bracelets I made awhile back?  I made some earrings with the same findings.   SO EASY!  You can whip them up in 5 minutes.  Great for DIY brides and party goers.  This is especially on my brain because I’m off to a bridal shower at noon.DIY Rose Opal Earrings

DIY Sparkle Earrings from @candiecooperMaterials from Jesse James Beads:


Rose Opal Chain

1 set 13mm Slide Connectors

Ear Wires

Check out the tutorial bove.  For the earrings, remove the clasp findings from the slide connectors.  Slide in chain and trim to desired length.  Open the ear wire and string the focal piece.

Easy Necklace Making

This post brought to you by Beadalon!Beadalon Break 2015-a week full of DIY Jewelry Making  tutorialsDay 3 of Spring Beadalon Break and I wanna here a heck yeah if you love easy jewelry making!

Picture me “raising the roof”…from Candie Cooper's DIY Jewelry Making Blog
Or playing a tambourine?

Don’t ask.

But, I know you’re curious…


My mom and I share a creative space in which she has a small music studio and sometimes when she’s not there, I use her instruments as props.  That’s all.

Ok, let’s get to it!
Easy Necklace Making IdeaRecently Beadalon sent a spool of their .024 diameter 49 strand gold beading wire for me to try out and let me tell you—I’m in LOVE!  It’s so thick and glorious.  It looks amazing all by itself!Beadalon .024 Diameter Nylon Coated  Beading WireIt comes in different colors too!

Can I get another heck yeah?Beadalon tools and wireIt only takes a few ingredients to make this simple necklace.  Other than the .024 Beadalon wire, the key item is a donut pendant.  Do you have a pile laying around like me?  Let’s use em’ up!  You’ll also want some #3 crimp tubes for the thicker wire, your basic jewelry making tools set, some beads and a clasp.How to Make a modern illusion style necklaceString the donut bead onto the heavy wire and determine how long you want your necklace.  Trim the end from the spool and slide a crimp bead over both ends of the wire.

Flat crimp the crimp tube with chain nose pliers by smooshing the crimp bead.

Smoosh it.  Smoosh it good.DIY Jewelry Making flat crimping illusion necklaceString the beads onto one side of the wire and separate each bead with two crimp beads.  Use a tool of some sort to help create equal distance between each crimp bead–I’m using a tiny ruler.

Flat crimp again.DIY Jewelry Making Modern Illusion NecklaceThen slide your first bead against the crimp bead.  Crimp the next tube so it keeps the bead in place along the wire.DIY Jewelry Making Illusion style necklace Use your measuring tool again and flat crimp the next crimp tube.Easy Necklace Making Idea from Candie Cooper with Beadalon Wire

Repeat, completing  both sides of the wire.How to Crimp Part 1To finish the ends with a toggle clasp, we will use the traditional crimping method.  Slide a crimp tube onto the beading wire followed by one half of the clasp.  Thread the tail of the wire back through the crimp bead, snugging the tube up against the clasp, but not so much that your clasp cannot move freely.How to crimp Part 23Put the crimp tube in the “U” shape opening on the crimping pliers and crimp.How to crimp Part 33Turn the crimp tube 90 degrees and place in the outside opening to roll the crimp bead into a tight C or shut.DIY Jewelry Making with thick beading wire from BeadalonI created this necklace to match this unique chain.  49 strand .024 diameter gold Beadalon wireHere’s another version with a handmade glass donut bead.  With a focal piece like this, it’s nice to highlight the beauty of it with minimal stringing work around it. from Candie Cooper's DIY Jewelry Making Blog

Stone Fringe Necklace

This post brought to you by Jesse James Beads.DIY Stone and Leather Statement Necklace from @CandieCooper #JewelryMakingPurple Rain….sing it with me, people!

No doubt, I am hooked on these fringe focal bead pieces from Jesse James Beads.  They come in a variety of colors and stone types, ready to string into statement necklaces and I’m going to show you an idea for how to use them in your jewelry making.Autumn leavesBut before we get going, I have to show you this leaf blizzard happening in our front yard.  I’m not complaining because I love wading through leaves.  Hopefully the mailman feels the same.

Really, the colors of fall are so inspiring, aren’t they?  That’s where I found the inspiration for the color pallet in this necklace.  Ambers, plum, sparkly orange and rust, it all works together.  Take a peek.Stone beads from JesseJamesBeads.comYou can find all of these magical beads in a kit ready to make right here from!Beading materialsYou will also need: crimping pliers, wire cutters, Beadalon beading wire (19 strand, .018 diameter), perhaps some bead stoppers, #1 crimp beads, a piece of leather (8″) and that should do it.  You can find these fine tools and supplies also on to make a beaded loopString your focal beads separated by hematite beads (I used 3).

String 2 crimp beads, 1 hematite bead,  2 small round beads, 3 hematite beads, round bead, 3 hematite beads, round bead, hematite beads, 2 round beads, hematite beads, round bead, hematite beads, round bead, hematite beads, and round bead onto the wire.  Thread the wire through the first round bead, hematite bead and crimp beads.  Cinch up the loop and  crimp.How to make a statement necklace wtih @JesseJamesBeadsSlide the beads to the finished end and repeat, making a second beaded loop.Jewelry Making tutorial with @jessejamesbeadsSecure a new wire to the middle of the beaded loop by crimping and string the sides in desired order.@JesseJamesBeads necklace tutorial from @candiecooper

Make a loop at the end of the beading wireFinish the ends with small loops, just big enough for the leather to fit through.Leather clasp idea for jewelry makingThis is a nifty closure that I’m also hooked on.  I don’t know why I don’t get the leaves raked?  Thread the leather through both loops and tie in a bow.  How about that easy and unique clasp solution!Jewelry Making Necklace tutorial from Candie Cooper

DIY Stone statement necklace

Stone necklace from Candie Cooper and Jesse James Beads #jewelrymaking

#jewelrymaking tutorial via @candiecooperDon’t stop here–You can attach leather, chain or ribbon to the sides of this focal front piece too!

We’re watching The Voice tonight so if there are typos or errors in this post, please direct complaints to Pharell and Blake Shelton.  Ok?  Ok.

How to Make Easy Earrings with Wrapped Loops

How To Make Easy EarringsWant to instantly make yourself feel better?  Whip up a sassy pair of earrings just for you.  You deserve it.  I promise.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I make myself something, I feel guilty—I should give these as a gift, I should be adding these to my stash of things to sell, and so on.  This is also not a new song on this blog.  So….  I’m telling that little voice in my head I’ll do it next time.  You can too!  For now, it’s our turn!  Let’s do this!

Earring Making MaterialsI actually made a trio of earrings with these supplies of which tutorials on will trickle out.  For now, you only need what’s checked and listed.  You might also want a couple bead caps (half domed beads that sit next to a focal bead).

P.S. Ergo plier sets are my fave.

How to Make Easy Earrings 7String all the pieces onto a head pin.  I’m using Beadalon decorative balled/star head pins, Jesse James Boho style beads (see JoAnn Fabrics) and brass bead caps.  The bead is so decorative, I didn’t think I needed much else (note that for once in my life, I’m keeping it simple).

How to Make Easy Earrings 9.jpgMake a 90 degree bend in the head pin just above the last bead cap.

How to Make Easy Earrings 1Put the round nose pliers into the bend of the head pin and bring the end of the wire up and around the pliers and back under.

How to Make Easy Earrings 2If you’re new to making jewelry, pliers are simply for forming wire or small amounts of sheet metal.  We need a solid round loop at the top of the bead dangle so we have to use round tipped pliers to achieve that.

How to Make Easy Earrings 3At this point, your loop can look like this or close to it.  If this is your first time making jewelry, know that this wrapped loop technique is one of the hardest tricks in the book.  Making the loop consistently sized takes a bit of practice.

Now, we’re going to grab the chain nose pliers (angled tips).

How to Make Easy Earrings 8.jpgPut the loop in the jaws of the pliers and now twist the end of the wire round and round just above the bead.  My wraps are always messy.  If you want perfect, you came to the wrong blog.  Trim any excess wire with wire cutters.

How to Make Easy Earrings 4.jpgOpen up the kidney ear wire and hang the beaded dangle in the front opening.

How to Make Easy Earrings 6Use the round nose pliers to pinch the opening shut.  You don’t have to do this if you want to make lots of beaded dangles and change them out.  If I’m selling earrings, I close the loop because inevitably those bead balls will make a run for it.  Probably start a new bead colony or something.  Plus your customers will be really happy if they aren’t messing with runaway bead dangles.  But, why am I talking about customers?  We’re keeping these for ourselves, right?  With that….

Boho Chic EarringsThey lived happily ever after….(“they” being us and the sassy new earrings).


Online Jewelry Making Class

Candie Cooper Jewelry Online ClassHo! Ho! Ho!  Give the gift of craftiness this year to someone you love!  Craftsy has a ton of fun classes (some even FREE!). They also got me to teach a class on Beading with Wire, Chain, and Leather.  I had a ton of fun filming this class out in Colorado this past year.  The students in the class are incredible too.  They share pictures of their projects, questions, and comments all on the class platform.  It’s fun to be in the Craftsy community for sure.  I read this year in The Happiness Project that learning something new can contribute to your happiness.  Believe it or not I found this to be true after taking golf lessons (which I stink at, but still!).  Learning something new helps to get you out of that day to day, routine thinking rut that I can slip in so easily.  Thanks Craftsy for having a fun site where all of us can learn something new.