Just For Fun-Rose Opal Earrings

DIY Earrings from @candiecooperYesterday the rain hammered down on the roof.  I did a bit of housecleaning, picked up some nice things to eat for dinner and then surrendered to the couch.  Oprah’s channel was having a “Where Are They Now” marathon.  I’d never seen it, but watch one episode and you’re hooked.  Seven hours later….  LOL  There were lots of other things I could’ve, should’ve been working on, but instead I just spaced out.  I think I was in need of some couch potato time after working the last two weekends.

I feel better.

Now about these earrings…  Remember those sparkle statement bracelets I made awhile back?  I made some earrings with the same findings.   SO EASY!  You can whip them up in 5 minutes.  Great for DIY brides and party goers.  This is especially on my brain because I’m off to a bridal shower at noon.DIY Rose Opal Earrings

DIY Sparkle Earrings from @candiecooperMaterials from Jesse James Beads:


Rose Opal Chain

1 set 13mm Slide Connectors

Ear Wires

Check out the tutorial bove.  For the earrings, remove the clasp findings from the slide connectors.  Slide in chain and trim to desired length.  Open the ear wire and string the focal piece.


  1. Vicki chaney says

    Thank you so simple !

  2. Patricia Lemon says

    Candie, I saw your opal chain earrings and boom. I had received an opal chain as a gift for a purchase I had made. The chain is beautiful but since it was unfinished I had no idea what to do with it. Opal is my granddaughters birthstone so I especially wanted to make something for her. This morning I saw your tutorial on Pinterest. My granddaughter is only 10 years old and I felt dangle earrings were not appropriate for her age group however I loved the concept and made a bracelet instead, it’s beautiful and I want to say thank you for the idea


  1. jewelry box says:

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    Just For Fun-Rose Opal Earrings – Candie Cooper

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