DIY Clothespin Fairy Doll Tutorial

Clothespin Fairy dolls from CandieCooper.comWanna know the way to my heart?  Nostalgia.  These little dolls are so sentimental to me.  My mom used to make them when we were little.  I think they were ornaments.  She and I worked this little pair of acorn fairies up together actually.  She paints.  I add the 3D embellishments.  Yin and yang.  It’s a good thing.

For the paints, we used acrylic Folk Art paints and Extreme Glitter.DIY clothespin doll tutorialBase coat the little bodies however you like.  We love denim A LOT, so naturally our boy got denim trousers.  Our girl is outfitted with a ruffly skirt.  Keep it simple.  Or at least try.  We find it very VERY hard to keep it simple.Painted Clothespin doll tutorial from Candie CooperHere’s a detail of those ruffly paint lines sealed with Extreme Glitter paint to add sparkle.  You could also spread Mod Podge onto the clothespin and dunk in glitter if you want more sparkle!  THAT would be pretty.Easy painted faces on clothespin dollsAlso, keep it simple when it comes to painting faces.  Blushy cheeks can be done with a Q-tip and pink paint, while the face could be done with a fine tip pen.  Mother Jean has the steadiest hand this side of the Mississippi so she always does the faces with paint and brush.  My clothespin doll faces would wind up looking more like Tammy Faye Bakker in a rainstorm if I allowed myself to use a brush that tiny with black paint.Make an acorn fairy dollNow comes my part of the party–the embellishments!  Leaves for wings, little acorn cap hats, a few seed beads strung on thread for a necklace, ribbon scarf and skirt, I could go on AND on.Acorn hat on clothespin dollOptionally, you can seal your acorn hats with Mod Podge or clear acrylic varnish so they are nice and shiny.  Actually, the whole doll can be sealed if you like.Clothespin Fairy Dolls from Candie CooperPut it all together and here’s what you get!  You can use tacky glue, a glue gun, or even a kids glue gun to add the embellishments.