Lucky Wire Wrapped DIY Pendant

This post is brought to you by BEADALON–makers of great jewelry findings and tools.
Make a wire wrapped pendant with Beadalon Artistic 22g. wire and chainThis pendant.  I’ve worn it every other day since I made it.
Candie Cooper DIY Jewelry projectsThis morning I was watching GMA and they were making dinners that cost $5.   (or really close if you play your coupon cards right).  It’s just as good, right?

Now I bring you the $5 DIY jewelry edition.  You ready?
DIY Jewelry Making project. Easy wire wrapped pendant with crystal rondellesI’m using a dollar strand of beads, Beadalon’s antique brass chain, a retainer ring from the hardware store (look for it in the washer/bolt section of the store), 20g. antique brass colored Artistic Wire, a couple jump rings and that’s all.
Bead stringing on wire for wire wrapped pendantString a row of 20 to 25 beads onto the Artistic Wire.  It’s definitely better to have more so you can wrap your heart out.
Best wire for jewelry making Artistic Wire from BeadalonArtistic Wire for jewelry making and crafts comes in every color under the rainbow.  If you’re making this project with tweens, I would work with 22g. vs. the 20g. so it’s extra easy to wrap.
How to make a wire wrapped pendant with Beadalon wireHere’s a closer peek at the retainer ring.  This thing is made of steel so you’ll need to rub it with some beeswax or spray it with a lacquer so it doesn’t rust–I learned this from the master of steel wrangling, Brenda Schweder.

Secure your wire with a couple wraps.
How to make jewelry with supplies from the hardware store using Beadalon Artistic WireSlide a bead next to the retainer ring and make a full wrap.
How to make easy jewelry with supplies from the hardware store and Beadalon Artistic wireRepeat.  Repeat. Repeat.  Each bead is separated with a full wrap of wire to help with spacing.
Beadalon jewelry making tutorialAnchor the wire the same as when we started with a few wraps.  This is the back side of the pendant.
Beadalon brass chain for DIY jewelry makingUse jump rings to attach the pendant to the chain.How to make jewelry with Beadalon findingsBoom.
Make a wire wrapped pendant with Beadalon Artistic 22g. wire and chainDonesies.

A little design tip after wearing this necklace a few thousand times.  Leaving it long is awesome, but if it’s too long, you can make an overhand knot so it hangs shorter–like we used to with super long strands of pearls found in grandma’s closet.
The best winter boots and Candie Cooper DIY JewelryI don’t know about you, but we are in the thick of winter and I need all the instant gratification I can get.  This necklace fits the bill.

Until next time, stay warm and visit for the goods!

New Kids Jewelry Craft Videos Available Now!

kids jewelry craft ideaYou guys know I have a passion for teaching children how to make things–jewelry especially because I started making it in sixth grade!  That was practically yesterday (cough-cough, eye roll).

I’m excited to announce one of my new videos with Interweave called Rainy Day Projects:  Bead Crafts with Kids.  These videos take you step by step how to make three projects as well as give you ideas for choosing materials and avoiding craft fails. kids jewelry craft ideaEven though the projects are geared towards kids, I think you might want to make a couple of the projects yourself!  Macrame bracelets with buttons, hammered pendants, and rubber band and bead bracelets.

We all know the pressures that kids are under these days and I always think it’s a good idea to encourage making things with their hands.  Allowing children to be creative, make their own color choices in a positive environment also helps boost their self-esteem.  It’s good for everyone.  I could go on, but I’ll get off my soap box jewelry craft ideaI hope you’ll check it out at the Interweave Store here.  Thanks in advance 😉

Simple Bead Stringing

This post brought to you by JesseJamesBeads.comHow to string beads for a bracelet using JesseJamesBeads.comI’ve been coveting these teal beads from for a long time.  This is one of my very most favorite colors.  It makes me think of the ocean.  I feel calm just looking at it.  After all, if we can’t be at the beach, we might as well be beading.
Simple stringing tutorial from Candie Cooper and Jesse James BeadsSupply list:

#2 Crimp Tubes

Acrylic flower bead

7″ Bead Strand in your fave color


Beading Wire

Crimping pliers

Wire cutters
Beadalon 49 strand gold wireString those beads.  You know, like we do!  I used the order they came on the strand, but you can shake it up and make your own.  Jesse James Beads has a garden of acrylic flower beads right now.  Pick one (or a few because they are so dang sweet).
Simple bracelet stringing tutorialSparkle is something that almost all JJB strands have a touch of and that’s perfectly ok with me.  I support sparkle.
Unique boho beads from JesseJamesBeads.comCheck the fit.  You could use a ruler for sizing, but who knows where it is!  I blame my husband.
Sparkly clasp from JesseJamesBeads.comSecure the loop end of the toggle to the beading wire with a crimp bead.
Crimping pliersPlace the crimp bead in the “U” shape notch first on the crimping pliers and then turn it 90 degrees and place it into the “eye” shape.  Smoosh it down, rolling the crimp over.
Stringing tutorial with JesseJamesBeads.comSlide all the beads next to the finished end of the bracelet…  P.S.  That’s a pastel drawing of oranges my great great gram did.  It’s one of my most favorite possessions.
Crimping beads on a wire tutorialand crimp the toggle to the wire.
DIY BRACELET with JesseJamesBeads.comPerfectly simple.
How to string beads for a braceletThirsty for more?  Seed Bead Bracelet tutorialCheck out my “Seed Bead Bracelets” tutorial on the blog.  It’s another one of my fave projects over there.


Preciosa and Vintaj….Love.


Right before Christmas I headed to Cleveland to tape a segment for Beads Baubles and Jewels. It was a blast seeing and meeting new friends.  Katie Hacker has some great pictures on her blog from the week.  Beads Baubles and Jewels has tons of interesting techniques if you are looking for new ideas to expand your jewelry making repertoire.  The above video is from a segment I did this summer that has already aired featuring John Bead's Preciosa Crystal Pendants.  I also used Beadalon's gunmetal chain and Vintaj's natural brass components.  You can find a detailed picture and instructions for this piece here.  I hope you have a great day that includes doing something creative. 

*The television show, Beads Baubles and Jewels airs on PBS.