I have a confession.  One of the reasons I wanted to learn how to knit was so I had a reason to make stitch markers.


There. I said it.  I’ve looked longingly at them on blogs and in the yarn store in my pre-knitting days.    But, now I had a reason to make my own….finally.  Just to be sure, I searched "how to make stitch markers" on the internet.  I found a fabulous tutorial here (coincidently, one of my favorite knitting blogs).  I loved the Eiffel tower charm she used, so I took a page from her book.  Think of these as a charm bracelet for your knit-sticks; you can select charms with special memories or themes.


Or just ones that make you happy.  I did a little of both. I’m currently making a hot pad that requires decreases and I’ve been using my knitting teacher’s tiny ring stitch markers.  However, they’ve fallen off a time or two and are a bit tricky to find amongst the yarn, sweater, and dog tails laying around.  I have a feeling these will stand out a bit more. 


Normally, you use split rings for the beads and charms to hang from, but I had these plastic rings on hand so I used them.  I think they’ll work for my big needles. I made this set while I was waiting for the pasta to finish cooking.  Love that instant gratification crafting!  Make some for yourself or your favorite knitter today.

Oh boy….  Last night I was at the DVD store with a friend and she talked me into buying Basic Instinct (didn’t take much).  Seems like a lot of people reference it, but I’ve not seen it.   I told Mr. S that I hadn’t seen it and he says, "I saw it.  It’s pretty scary." Mr. S felt like reading, so he put the DVD in and left for the bedroom……..laughing. Now, Rocker and I are out here on the couch watching (and being educated).    I don’t believe I knew what we were in for!!  I think I need to pause it and fix a cup of tea and slice of banana bread.  Something comforting and wholesome for Pete’s sake!   Sharon Stone’s house in the movie is fabulous though, isn’t it? 

I want to make this…


Maybe because it’s a kagillion degrees out, I’ve been pondering the idea of making a Granny Square Blanket.  Craving weather where one would actually need a blanket like this.  I suppose this is the crazy equivalent of a rain dance or something.

Want to make one too?  Go here:  Canadian Living Magazine  They have many nice knitting and crochet patterns.

P.S.  I did learn to knit. It’s going surprisingly well actually. I’m going over to old town today in an attempt to buy some wool to make this Blowing Bobbles Felt Scarf for my next project.  Wish me luck.