I have a confession.  One of the reasons I wanted to learn how to knit was so I had a reason to make stitch markers.


There. I said it.  I’ve looked longingly at them on blogs and in the yarn store in my pre-knitting days.    But, now I had a reason to make my own….finally.  Just to be sure, I searched "how to make stitch markers" on the internet.  I found a fabulous tutorial here (coincidently, one of my favorite knitting blogs).  I loved the Eiffel tower charm she used, so I took a page from her book.  Think of these as a charm bracelet for your knit-sticks; you can select charms with special memories or themes.


Or just ones that make you happy.  I did a little of both. I’m currently making a hot pad that requires decreases and I’ve been using my knitting teacher’s tiny ring stitch markers.  However, they’ve fallen off a time or two and are a bit tricky to find amongst the yarn, sweater, and dog tails laying around.  I have a feeling these will stand out a bit more. 


Normally, you use split rings for the beads and charms to hang from, but I had these plastic rings on hand so I used them.  I think they’ll work for my big needles. I made this set while I was waiting for the pasta to finish cooking.  Love that instant gratification crafting!  Make some for yourself or your favorite knitter today.

Oh boy….  Last night I was at the DVD store with a friend and she talked me into buying Basic Instinct (didn’t take much).  Seems like a lot of people reference it, but I’ve not seen it.   I told Mr. S that I hadn’t seen it and he says, "I saw it.  It’s pretty scary." Mr. S felt like reading, so he put the DVD in and left for the bedroom……..laughing. Now, Rocker and I are out here on the couch watching (and being educated).    I don’t believe I knew what we were in for!!  I think I need to pause it and fix a cup of tea and slice of banana bread.  Something comforting and wholesome for Pete’s sake!   Sharon Stone’s house in the movie is fabulous though, isn’t it? 


  1. I visited your podcast for old times’ listening and then decided to see what was new with you. The stitch markers are stunning! I’m a new knitter too, but I’m going to let go of my needles long enough to make stitch markers. I want to knit the Knitty clapotis and I think it requires something like 20 markers–hoo-eee! That’s going to be stitch marker fun!
    Thanks for the link to the tutorial.

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