Teen DIY Jewelry Making

File Jan 05, 2 50 33 PMOver winter break, I had an opportunity to work with kids and teach them jewelry making.  It was a great experience.  Fourteen girls, but I learned that boys wanted to make jewelry too so in the future we will maybe do a metalworking class.  I love that.

We made necklaces, bracelets and earrings over two days.  They learned all the basics.  I’m so proud of the results–you can see them in the slideshow below.  But real quick–I wanted to give you the link to a tutorial I did well over a year ago–

But real quick–I wanted to give you the link to a tutorial I did on the above necklace well over a year ago–you can see it here.  All the components are from JesseJamesBeads.com and the findings are by Beadalon.

Bluebird of Happiness Necklace

Blue Bird of Happiness Necklace from Candie CooperHave you ever started making something and you don’t know what you’re doing or where you’re going, but you just dig in?  That’s how this necklace came to be.  I made it on the show floor in Tucson two years ago (the first year I worked with JesseJamesBeads.com).  I had just read the Happiness Project book by Gretchen Rubins.


I’m no stranger to soul searching, contemplating (ok, over-thinking sometimes) and trying to figure out what really makes me happy.  As someone with a diagnosed mild to moderate anxiety disorder (aka worry wort), I think this comes with the territory.
Candie Cooper Blue Bird of HappinessBack to simply digging in on this necklace, I think it’s kind of a metaphor of my happiness: Stop talking and thinking about it and just dig in.  Choose to do what makes me happy.
Blue Bird of Happiness Necklace by CandieCooper.com

And that’s the cool thing about jewelry—it serves as a reminder.  In Gretchen’s book, she talks about having a bluebird of happiness reminder (paper weight, I think).  This is mine.  I wear it because it makes me happy, as a shield (you will not steal my joy) and when it’s not being worn I hang it up where I can see it.


Tassels from Woman Shops World on Etsy

Large Beads from JesseJamesBeads.com

Beadalon Tent Sale and Classes

Candie CooperJoin me Pennsylvania friends at the Beadalon fest tent show and classes!  Candie Cooper Jewelry for Beadalon.com  I’m teaching this class that features Beadalon‘s tassel maker and findings on  Sept. 19th at 2pm in Westchester, PA.  Want to sign up?

Email salesATbeadalonDOTcom to sign up. Cost is $25 (amazing right?!?).

You’ll learn how to make fantastic tassels and basic stringing techniques and leave with a layered necklace and matching bracelet featuring Jesse James Beads!

It’s going to be a ton of fun as I am joined by Katie Hacker, Wyatt White, Sandra Lupo and Sarah Ellis.  Let’s get this party started!!

I can’t wait.  Here’s the skinny on the rest of the sale:Beadalon Tent Sale

Beadalon Bracelet Jig Stretch Bracelet Part II

Beadalon Break 2015-a week full of DIY Jewelry Making  tutorialsGreetings Day Fivers!

Where has the time gone?  So in the last post, I showed you Beadalon’s new bracelet jig tool.  Now let’s turn that piece into a bracelet topper.
Finish the end with wrapped loopsWhen you pull the piece from the bracelet jig, you’ll have something like this.  Finish the ends with wrapped loops.Making stretch bracelets with Beadalon ElasticityFor the back end of the bracelet, I strung a section of topaz colored glass beads with brass spacer beads (easy!) in an alternating order.  By the way, I’m using Beadalon’s 1mm Elasticity, because I like the thickness, but they do have a smaller size just in case.
how to tie beading elasticDon’t forget to pull and stretch your elastic to break it in a bit.
Elasticity beading elasticKnot one end of the Elasticity to the bracelet topper.  I really love using the same color of Elasticity as the wire–blends right in! Trim the Elasticity from the spool, leaving a couple inches to tie the other side.
Cut the elasticTrim the extra Elasticity away, leaving about an 1/8th inch and dot the knot with nail polish.
Beadalon Bracelet Jig stretch braceletThe loops from the bracelet jig make a perfect place to connect bead dangles and charms if you like.  For me, I enjoyed the simplicity of this and the dainty flowers.

Speaking of, these acrylic flower beads are popping up everywhere at Bead Fest Spring. Hello spring, we’re glad you’re here!!
Stretch bracelet with Beadalon Bracelet Jig

Coachella Jewelry Idea

This post brought to you by LeatherCord USA.Painted Leather Leathercord USA Tassels from Candie CooperHave you seen all the Coachella fashion love on Pinterest and in magazines?  Coachella is actually a music festival where you’ll see free spirited fashions galore.

This set started with the knotted strand I had hanging (unfinished) on my bead wall.  I was thrilled when LeatherCord USA sent a batch of their tassels for me to play with.
Leather Cord USA tasselsHere the tassels are in raw form.  They come in suede and nappa finishes and in two sizes.  I opted to play around with the nappa finish which is a little smoother and slicker compared to the suede.
Paint Leathercord USA tasselsTo customize the tassels, I brushed them with Ranger/Vintaj Patina paints.  I used a stiff brush so I got the scratchy lines of paint on the leather.  Start with metallic gold…
Painting Leather Tassels from CandieCooper.comand brush both sides of the leather.  A little dab of paint will do you!  I like to brush most of it off on the wax paper before touching the leather. Painting Leather with Ranger InksBrush a layer of turquoise (both sides) and end with one last coat of gold.

Finishing with a layer of gold tones down the straight turquoise, making the layers blend and look really good!
Jazz up leather with paint!You can do this treatment on thin or thick tassels.  The wheels are turning for more patina’d tassels!
DIY Coachella Inspired JewelryHere’s how I used them in my finished jewelry designs.  I love how the tassels look with the Czech beads!Painted Tassel Earrings-How-to from Candie CooperFor the earrings, I used 20g. Artistic Wire to wrap the druzy bead and tassel to the big hoop (which is from Snapeez).  So fast to make!
LeatherCord USA Tassel Earrings and Necklace from Candie CooperFor the pendant I strung on a big chunky druzy on 20g. wire and finished the ends with loops.  The top of the tassel was wire wrapped with more gold and silver wire.  This gives it a nice finished look.
Coachella Inspired DIY Jewelry from Candie Cooper

You can shop for tassels here!

Now who’s ready for a road trip to the Coachella music fest?!


**To knot your own strand of Czech beads like this—check out this tutorial.


Making Halloween Jewelry Crafts with Kids

Halloween Jewelry Making with KidsFor First Friday at the Wabash White House (our little gallery in town), we host children’s creative make and takes and activities.  One of the things we did this month is an easy kids halloween craft making skull necklaces.  I thought you might want to make your own!
Quick DIY Skull Necklace from CandieCooper.comYou’ll need some skull beads, 20g. Artistic Wire, Jesse James Beads, pre-made ribbon necklaces or cord, a hammer and steel block, and some basic jewelry making pliers.
Jewelry making stationWhen working with kids, I like to keep things pretty tidy and organzied so it’s easy to see what we are doing.  Is it me, or are these beads, good enough to eat?!
Skull beadsI buy skull beads at bead markets/festivals, but you can find them in Etsy shops and sometimes in the craft stores.
Hammering wire for jewelry makingUse round nose pliers to twirl the end of the wire around in a spiral.  Hammer the spiral so it stays nice and rigid.
Easy Jewelry Making for Halloween!String your beads!
Jewelry Making Wire wrapped loopFinish the end of the wire with a wrapped loop, attaching it to the ribbon before closing up the loop.  Pipe cleaners would also work for necklace making.  That could be really fun!
Jewelry Making Halloween Kids Craft Idea!Here’s a closer peek at the tools I used.  Top: wire cutters.  Middle: round nose pliers.  Bottom:  Chain nose pliers.

Check out these cute examples that some of our guests made that night!

Easy Halloween Jewelry Making with Kidsphoto 2-3

Stone Fringe Necklace

This post brought to you by Jesse James Beads.DIY Stone and Leather Statement Necklace from @CandieCooper #JewelryMakingPurple Rain….sing it with me, people!

No doubt, I am hooked on these fringe focal bead pieces from Jesse James Beads.  They come in a variety of colors and stone types, ready to string into statement necklaces and I’m going to show you an idea for how to use them in your jewelry making.Autumn leavesBut before we get going, I have to show you this leaf blizzard happening in our front yard.  I’m not complaining because I love wading through leaves.  Hopefully the mailman feels the same.

Really, the colors of fall are so inspiring, aren’t they?  That’s where I found the inspiration for the color pallet in this necklace.  Ambers, plum, sparkly orange and rust, it all works together.  Take a peek.Stone beads from JesseJamesBeads.comYou can find all of these magical beads in a kit ready to make right here from JesseJamesBeads.com!Beading materialsYou will also need: crimping pliers, wire cutters, Beadalon beading wire (19 strand, .018 diameter), perhaps some bead stoppers, #1 crimp beads, a piece of leather (8″) and that should do it.  You can find these fine tools and supplies also on JJB.com.How to make a beaded loopString your focal beads separated by hematite beads (I used 3).

String 2 crimp beads, 1 hematite bead,  2 small round beads, 3 hematite beads, round bead, 3 hematite beads, round bead, hematite beads, 2 round beads, hematite beads, round bead, hematite beads, round bead, hematite beads, and round bead onto the wire.  Thread the wire through the first round bead, hematite bead and crimp beads.  Cinch up the loop and  crimp.How to make a statement necklace wtih @JesseJamesBeadsSlide the beads to the finished end and repeat, making a second beaded loop.Jewelry Making tutorial with @jessejamesbeadsSecure a new wire to the middle of the beaded loop by crimping and string the sides in desired order.@JesseJamesBeads necklace tutorial from @candiecooper

Make a loop at the end of the beading wireFinish the ends with small loops, just big enough for the leather to fit through.Leather clasp idea for jewelry makingThis is a nifty closure that I’m also hooked on.  I don’t know why I don’t get the leaves raked?  Thread the leather through both loops and tie in a bow.  How about that easy and unique clasp solution!Jewelry Making Necklace tutorial from Candie Cooper

DIY Stone statement necklace

Stone necklace from Candie Cooper and Jesse James Beads #jewelrymaking

#jewelrymaking tutorial via @candiecooperDon’t stop here–You can attach leather, chain or ribbon to the sides of this focal front piece too!

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