How to Use the Conetastic Inverted Attachments

This post brought to you by BEADALON!Wire Working-Sandra Lupo's Conetastic Tool for Jewelry MakingAre you into wire working?  Then you need to know Sandra Lupo!
Sandra Lupo demoing her Conetastic tool at the Beadalon Tent SaleShe is the inventor of the Conetastic tool for Beadalon.  The Conetastic is a fun tool that makes wrapping wire into well, a cone shape!  I’ve gotten to know Sandra over the last year and she is one of the most delightful people in the DIY jewelry making industry.  That makes using her tool that much nicer, doesn’t it?Conetastic tool invertedFor the tent sale, Sandra showed off her new Inverted Conetastic attachment pieces.  Now you can make two bead cones at once OR a cool bead piece like she did for this tutorial.  Remember those Steampunk earrings I made about a year ago?  Those were made with Conetastic 1.0 attachments.
Inverted Conetastic Tool how toJust like before, the inverted version comes in multiple sizes, so pick your size and attach one end to the Conetastic handle piece and the opposite cone piece threads onto the tip.  It should look like an hour glass shape.

These are the days of our jewelry making lives….

Sorry, I couldn’t help it.
Wire working-make bead cones wth the Conetastic toolAnchor your wire in the hole at the base of the cone (see the arrow?) and start turning that wire!  For this one, Sandra made a long coil in pink thin Artistic Wire using the Coiling Gizmo (also by Beadalon) and slid them onto the copper colored wire to add a second layer.Conetastic bead cone making tool in actionKeep wrapping through the hourglass shape.
Jewelry Making Conetastic tool with Coiling Gizmo coilsShe pulled the coil out so you can see some of the metal underneath.  I was loving all of this layering action!
Conetastic tool for making jewelry findings by BeadalonThen she snipped the pink wire and finished wrapping how she started with only the copper wire.
Inverted Conetastic tool from BeadalonThe variation in copper and layered pink is really fun right?  The possibilities! Conetastic bead cone makerNow to free your coiled bead from the Conetastic tool, cut the anchor wire…
Jewelry Making - Inverted conetastic maker tool from Beadalon and Sandra Lupoand unscrew the top cone attachment piece.
Wire working for jewelry makers - Inverted Conetastic Tool to make beadsShore up the wire ends and tuck them in with pliers.  Ready to string.  You guys, this thing took seconds to whip up!  Amazing.  Here are a few ideas from Sandra’s stash on her table.
Sandra Lupo for Beadalon using the Conetastic toolCheck out how she stacked the cones on top of each other?  Also, how about that twisted Artistic wire in the bottom bracelet??  Hot.Using the Inverted Conetastic tool by Sandra Lupo with flat Artistic WireAnd for this one she used Artistic Flat wire.  The beads nestled down in had me at helloooo.

Good stuff Sandra!  Thanks for showing us how to use the Inverted Conetastic tool!  Here’s a link to Sandra’s website so you can see more Conetastic inspiration!

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