How To Make Steampunk Jewelry

This post brought to you by Beadalon. How to Make Steampunk Jewelry  Earring tutorial with Beadalon's Conetastic ToolHere we are with October knocking on the door!  Already!  This post is going to show you the basics of using Beadalon’s new Artistic Wire Conetastic tool designed by the lovely, Sandra Lupo.  This is my first tutorial from my new home office.
Candie Cooper studio work tableSo welcome!  I had my work table downstairs for the summer because we don’t have air conditioning.  Now that it’s cooling off, I’m back up in my nest and LOVIN’ IT!!!  Do you like my Ikea task lamp?  I’m still in the stage of trying to keep my desk really clean.  Day 3: so far so good.  By Christmas it will look like a tornado went through the craft store.
How to Make Bead cones with wire and Beadalon's Conetastic Tool on Candie Cooper's BlogBack to the Conetastic!  This jewelry making tool is designed to work with Artistic Wire so you can make your own coiled bead cones.  It’s a really nifty little tool!  This is my first time taking it for a test drive and after sleeping on it, I have some more ideas to try.
Artistic Wire and Conetastic tool from BeadalonThe first thing I really liked is how compact it is.  For this tutorial, I’m using it with Artistic Wire 18g. in Tinned Copper (my fave).
Conetastic wire working tool from BeadalonWhen you open the packaging, you’ll find awesome instructions.  To get rolling, you twist open the end cap and all the parts come out.  Also, I liked how heavy the pieces are–definitely a tool made to last.
How to use the Conetastic toolThere are three different cone sizes and a little wrench.  The wrench loosens the pin so you can set the desired cone size in the tool and then tighten it in place.  Super easy!  I practiced with the tiny cone first.
How to coil wire for jewelry makingIt took me about 30 seconds to make one coiled bead cone.  Already I’m thinking I need some silver plated Artistic Wire so I can oxidize it with liver of sulphur and then distress it to highlight all those coils.  I love the liver of sulphur patina.
Artistic Wire 18g. along with Conetastic toolWrapping the 18g. wire really made for a heavy look.  Depending on your project, you might want to play with wire gauges and cone sizes to get just what you want.

When you are finished coiling, all you have to do is snip the ends of wire away from the tool and spool.
Making earrings with coiled bead conesFor my next experiment, I used the largest cone to make some more playful and loose coiled bead cones.  That’s when DIY steampunk jewelry popped into my head.  Playing with layers in jewelry making is a love of mine so these Conetastic bead cones fit right in.  Here’s my first attempt with brass bead cones under the coiled pieces with glass pearls.  Fail.  The glass pearls just weren’t cuttin’ it.
How to make earrings with coiled bead cones on Candie Cooper's blogWhen you are settled with the bead stack, string everything onto a regular head pin and then finish the end with a simple loop using round nose pliers.
Making coiled cones for jewelry making with Conetastic toolGrab some chain nose pliers and open the loop from side to side.
Attaching the ear wire to earringConnect the Modern ear wire and close the loop.  I accidentally squashed one of the coils down too much, making it look a little wiggly, but I’m ok with it.
How to make coiled bead cones on Candie Cooper's blog

Earring Tutorial with DIY Wrapped Bead Cones on Candie Cooper's BlogWire Wrapped Bead Cone Tutorial

Wire wrapped bead cone tutorial from Candie Cooper using Beadalon's Conetastic tool

Here’s a link to shopping for the Conetastic tool in case you want to add it to your Christmas list. 😉


  1. Thanks for sharing this new tool, Miss Candie! I got one from Sandra when I met her this summer in Ohio where she was showcasing that on Beads Baubles & Jewels. I haven’t taken mine for a test drive, but you make it so easy I want to get out some wire and play! I love these earrings, those little glass beads with the grooves look like gears, and I love the way you have photographed them. Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. Oh how cute!! 🙂

  3. Candie Cooper! I love your designing with my Conetastic Cone Mandrel Tool set, and am so excited to see it in your blog! These conical earrings fit so well within the ever popular Steampunk jewelry trend and I think Conetastic can take industrial looking designs to even greater heights.
    Thanks so much for your your complete step outs and instructions. Your review of Conetastic is excellent! You have offered great step outs and complete instructions.
    I’m going to make your design myself!!! Luv ya and have a Conetastic Day!! Sandra

  4. Really cool design using mixed materials – love it!

  5. Gloria Borrero says

    Candie, what type of bead did you end up using.? You are so right about the pearl, it did nothing for the earrings, but that bead is so pretty.

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