30 Minutes: Necklace Idea and an Earring Book

DSCF7769Not really sure where to start!  My little cabin is hopping with projects!  In between gigs I've been trying to refresh some areas of my living quarters.  A new picture here, a vase full of twigs there, a can of paint waiting for it's debut on a chest of drawers.  It's time.  This morning I hung my winter coat in the "way-back" of the closet and said, see ya in December!  My favorite jean jackets and spring scarves are holding up the coat rack just fine!  Do you feel the same?

I wanted to share with you a couple things.  First up, another version of the Crafty Book Club necklace idea from the last post.  I couldn't resist the brightly colored ring with dangles at Hobby Lobby!  I added beads and  framed a piece of lace in the charm topped off with a Vintaj flower.  I have been really inspired by Lark Book's 30 Minute Earrings.

It's a nice little challenge to see if you can whip something up in a short amount of time——–the key is:


The 30 Minute Earring book has beautiful, chic ideas that are instantly classy.  Simple techniques lead you to awesome designs.  The other thing I love is that you don't need a ton of raw material to make the earrings—might even be able to use up some of your scrap metal.  That's also nice because if you mess up–you aren't out a lot of $$.

Why not get the girls together and make some 30 minute jewelry?  The third thing is I made a soup last night that will knock your socks off!  Sweet Potato Lovers click HERE.  I loved it with the yogurt garnish and naan! 

Well, I'm off…I have projects to finish for my friend's up and coming book, class proposals to write, materials to ship, and teaching my metalsmithing class to rivet tonight.  Here's to robins chirpin' and daffodils bloomin'!  Happy Spring!


  1. Maria Soto says

    this is a beautiful piece – it screams Spring is here!!!! will have to check out the book – thanks.

  2. This is gorgeous! I’d love to have one of these. Green is my favorite and I love how it’s combined here.

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