This pioneer gal knows how to start fires and write a Valentine!

If you would have told me ten years ago that I'd live in a cabin complete with a rock fire place and hefty wood pile outside (in which you helped stack and have to worry about covering with a tarp…as well as your dog whizzing on said pile)…  Well, I would have said, "dude, you are like…. crazy!"  Because it was ten years ago and we did insert the word "like" any chance we could.  I might still do it from time to time.  Totally.  But, tonight finds me curled up next to a fire that I started (I had to read how to in a magazine) studying and reading about art history.  With a pile of wood I carried up the stairs, is also a bit of newspaper aka…kindling.  This gets me to the point of this post.  My friend surprised me with a truckload of wood for Christmas.  Best gift ever!  Second best gift from my aunt and uncle is this…

A wheel barrow full of kindling bundles.  Not just any kindling though!  These bundles are hand picked grasses, pinecones, bark pieces, sticks, evergreens, dried leaves bound with a pretty red string.  Not to mention they burn like the wind!  So I was thinking girls, if you are looking for a sweet valentine for your man-friend this year, kindling bundles may make their heart flutter (or they might look at it like …?..).  But, let's say they go with the flutter—You could even tie some little paper hearts to the bundles.  And why stop there?  When writing your valentine, you can play with the word burn or fire…  My heart burns for you… or….you fill all my burning desires….or…..Fire me up, Valentine!  I'll stop there.  (giggling…and red faced)  You get the idea.  I do love me some cheesy Valentines though.  "Melts" just came to mind also.  Wahhh! Stopping.  So, with fire crackling, I should get back to my studies.  Warm wishes and smiles from me. 


  1. I love those kindling bundles – I’ll have to make some for my hubby – he’ll love them!

  2. I would have loved a cord of wood for Christmas!!

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