Ornament Thursday…Insectica

Happy Ornament Thursday!  This month’s Ornament Thursday theme is Insectica.  The next word that comes to mind is “bug.”  Bug.  Cute as a bug.  Bugs Bunny.  Bug, in a rug.  Bed Bugs.  It’s buggy out.  Snug as a bug.  Bug bite.  Don’t bug me.   Bug off. Love bug. Did I miss any?  Leave a comment if you think of one. 

Stuff 072 (Small)

Once upon a time, I was a bug.  It was my nickname when I was little…thanks to my dad.  My older sister was Daisy Duke, just in case you were wondering (she was hooked on the Dukes of Hazard). When I think about it, I’ve had quite a lot of encounters with insects and bugs.  It started in 3rd grade when I talked Grandpa into buying me a toy at K-Mart that was basically a small playground for bugs in a clear plastic dome…..dare I say Flea Circus.  99% positive I tried being a farmer of an ant farm.  I still miss the lightning bugs every summer.  One of my favorite memories was roller-blading through our river walk back home on a hot summer night with all the lighting bugs twinkling around us.  Very magical.  In college I took Entomology 309, a fabulously fun class with Chris Oseto (one of the best teachers on the planet).   This led to casting bees and beetles in bronze and silver in our spare time over at the metals studio.  Why?  Because we could.  (Note:  the beetles were long gone before we got to them—no beetles were hurt in the process)  I can remember three different bug boxes of mine.  Do kids collect bugs anymore?  I’m feeling a little dusty.  Poor bugs.

This month’s buggy ornament offering comes from the Candie and Jean (aka my mom) archives again.  My mom did the crazy painting of the bugs like this….


then I added texture and details with colored pencil, some sterling antennae and a little tie tack pin back like this….. 

Stuff 091 (Small)

Voila!  Cute as a bug…..on your collar! 


  1. I don’t know any kids with bug collections but I do know quite a few people with flea collections.
    You could make one of your broaches to look like a flea by painting think bands across the back and adding six long legs down the sides.

  2. super cute bug pins, candie louise!
    guess who’s kid has a screened-in bug house all ready to go for lightning bug season?

  3. Your nephew is scared of bugs right now, a fly bit him on the neck so he’s petrified. And we have Barry the Bee living in our Rock garden…Bee Movie. Oh yeah, and your nephew saved every earth worm from the tiller in the garden, he’s a fisherman. Oh, how I miss you Bug and your nephew does too.

  4. Oh Candie! Those bugs are sooooo cute! I really enjoyed your story about bugs, the flea circus, the ant farm and your nickname. The story adds so much charm to the pins. Lovely work!

  5. Oh Candie! Those bugs are sooooo cute! I really enjoyed your story about bugs, the flea circus, the ant farm and your nickname. The story adds so much charm to the pins. Lovely work!

  6. Hi Candie! I love the bugs.I live in Texas and the lighting bugs are out and it brings back alot of memorys of my youth.

  7. Oooohh those are adorable!! I have a couple of beaded ladybugs pinned to my mousepad, and your darling little bugs make me want to get more!!

  8. Candie,
    Love the colors on the bugs! And, as always, the story that you tell with it.
    When my nephews come to visit in the summer, one of their big events is going outside to catch lightning bugs. I guess they don’t have them in Arizona. But it’s fun to watch them catch them and hear the gleeful sounds–childhood!

  9. How sweet…reminds me that my DD’s nickname was “doodlebug” when she was a baby…those look like doodlebugs. 🙂

  10. Bug-a-boo!
    Beautiful bugs! They are great — colorful and lots of fun. I love your story, Bug….I mean Candie!

  11. Great stories! Thanks for adding to the fun. Oh, and I thought of another one. “JITTER-BUG”!

  12. man I thought so hard and YOU got them all!
    buggety bug!

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