Ornament Thursday~Motherhood


Happy Ornament Thursday!  This month’s theme celebrates all the Mom’s out there.  They bring us into this world, nurture and help us grow into the people we are today.  In a sense, we kind of are their ornaments.


I grew up in a very crafty and creative home.  My mom started taking painting classes one night a week shortly after I was born….and she hasn’t stopped since (28.9999 years later).  When I lived back home, we did a lot of crafty collaborations and so I thought this month’s theme was the perfect time to share one of them.


I found these little wooden torso-looking shapes in the wood section at the craft store—perfect for people pins.  My mom’s the one with the steady hand so she set to work painting different faces and legs with ruffle-y anklet socks (remember those?).  In the mean time, I’d make a couple of cups of tea and we’d work around the island in the kitchen.  I would drill and assemble the spindle legs, which by the way are miniature balusters and set eyelet screws in the torsos to hang the legs from.  We wanted real vintage fabric for the dresses and she had the idea to use Mod Podge for that.  Genius!  Then she painted arms and a collar right onto the fabric.  I’m pretty sure we sealed them with an acrylic varnish too.


We’ve done many collaborations over the years.  I won’t pretend like we haven’t  butt heads a couple of times in the process (after all, according to the Ch!nese Zodiac we are both sheep. 😉  We are so opposite, yet still cut from the same cloth—the true beauty of mother and daughter relationships.


  1. Candie, these are ADORABLE!!! I always appreciate your story that goes along with your BEAUTIFUL creations! 🙂 Hali

  2. How sweet…and what great memories to have!

  3. What a lovely posting about your mother and the fun you’ve shared together!

  4. Bravoooooooooo Candie !
    C’est génial, j’adore !!
    (in English = It’s wonderful, I loooove it !!!)

  5. I’m overwhelmed! Thank you. Happy Mother’s Day to me! Oh by the way, I looked in my Candie-made-it jewelry box and I don’t have one of those…

  6. I love this!!! some day we will meet and posibly we will trade projects? This ir yur fab. cat collar in Simply beads or et bwl–WOW!!! is what i would love from you….yyou ut a ton of love ad exctement into your projects!

  7. forgive the typos. geesh!

  8. This is adorable, Candie!
    Love the photo of you standing on the dishwasher door!

  9. This is adorable, Candie!
    Love the photo of you standing on the dishwasher door!

  10. This is adorable, Candie!
    Love the photo of you standing on the dishwasher door!

  11. These are so cute it is ridic, I am in love. I so wish I could paint, but alas my mom and sister got those genes.

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