It’s A Wrap! Well, Almost….

I mentioned it was back to school on Tuesday, but I wasn’t expecting to be as tired as I’ve been when I get home!  I’ve been showing the high school kids how to make wire wrapped, found object pendants like this:


Pretty simple, but they only have 30 minutes per class.  Can you believe that?!?!?  As soon as you get into creating, you have to stop.  I budgeted two days, but I’m going back today, because they are not finished. 


I showed them how to hammer and texture the wire and I think they really liked that.  We’re using 16-18 g. copper for the frames and 20-26g. for the wrapping and dangles. They started by drawing their "plan" like this:


We all know what wire looks like when you try to un-wrap it and start again, so they had to have a solid plan before the copper was passed out. 


On the second day, they brought in more found objects.  There’s definitely not enough of me to run around and help the 22! students, but the pieces are looking good.  That’s kids for you.  They are fearless in their creative process.


  1. What great ideas…It’s nice to see creativity still in some classes in schools.

  2. Those look great, and you are so right about how kids will just jump in and create without stressing about messing anything up. Adults need to take notes on that.

  3. Kudos to you! How wonderful that you’re teaching high school students this fabulous art. It’s a shame about the limited time but what a great beginning to creativity in the field of Jewelry Arts.

  4. Beautiful jewelry and a beautiful spirit for taking time to teach the children. I’ll bet a jewelry making camp would be fun for kids.

  5. Hi, I found this webpage on a random search. I love these pendants. I think that it is awesome that you worked with these high school kids to make these. I made a button one based on the one pictured. Check my blog if you would like to see it.

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