It’s a bird!

The felt flower brooch I just showed you reminded me of this little felty fella.  Did I ever tell you I used to do art fairs before I started designing craft projects…before I moved to Ch!na, before before?  I did.  My booth was filled with mixed media jewelry and a lotta felty jewels towards the end.  It was right about the time I submitted my Felted Jewelry book proposal.  There are so many fun projects in my jewelry box stash from the past.  After looking through it this morning, it is evidence that you never know where your art will take you, so you have to just fly with it.


The birdie is made entirely of wool with a bit of metal and seed beads mixed in.  I started making these birds back in college, originally out of paper.  Someday I’ll show you.  I think I must have sold 100 of them.  Birds will always be loved by people—there’s just something about their vulnerable yet strong little selves that we connect to.


This scarf has been worn practically everyday since I got it in Kathmandu back in November.  I’ve worn a jean jacket ever since the second grade.  Denim jacket obsession runs in the family.  And I’ve opted to flip my collar up for the last couple of years.  It’s an 80’s thing, a Euro thing, and an it looks better on me like that thing.  Love Spring attire because you still have a reason to layer clothing!  Do you feel the same?  Grandpa, I know you put a lotta thought into layering your clothes 😉

In other news, I only had "yellow" options of things to eat for lunch today!


I know I just posted about lunch, but this was very strange and it happens from time to time with different colors.  Everything I thought about fixing for lunch was a shade of yellow.  Eggs and wheat toast. Leftover cornbread and cream of chicken soup.  Granola bars.  Honey. Banana. Cheese.  All yellow!  I took it as a sign and looked up some color symbolism and the brain

Yellow: energizes, relieves depression, improves memory, stimulates appetite

Well ok, then.  There you have it.  I know a lot of artists use colors for symbolism.  Colors that suit my mood on that particular day are more the route I take, but it’s something to consider in the future for sure.

Tonight is Girls Night Out and we are going to see Cats. I’ve never seen it, so looking forward to that.  Tomorrow Botch and I are going to Hong Kong for the day to hang out and mail some things.  I’ll probably see you Sunday with some Links and Tales.  😉 Until then, Have a Great Weekend!


  1. That birdy is adorable! And you get an extra thousand Coolness Points for the collar-turned-up thing.

  2. Hello Candie !!
    Quelle belle broche oiseau !! (what a beautiful ….. bird – dont know english word for “broche” !)
    Elle est très réussi, bravo !! (so cute !!)

  3. I heart the little birdie and his long legs. Cute, cute, cute!

  4. Love the little bird and the jacket!

  5. I love your bird broach…….it’s adorable! I can see you with the collar of your jean jacket turned up! Soooo cool!
    Love, violette

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