Crepes + Eggs=


Here are the eggs I mentioned a couple of days ago.  Throw some Styrofoam* egg forms, crepe paper, and glitter Mod Podge into the pot and you get….Eggalicious! 


I like my crafty eggs over "easy"—Simply shred, tear, or cut the crepe paper, add a thin layer of glitter Mod Podge to the egg and start stickin’!  Seal the crepe paper with Mod Podge as you go.  Once the eggs are dry, you can leave them as is or embellish with sequins and beads strung on straight pins.  The pink and orange egg has a cherry blossom paper cutting that I got here decoupaged on top.


And there you have it!  This chic is off to get some din-din!  Happy Easter everyone!   


  1. Love these eggs! They remind me of some old-school (so to speak) eggs that my grandmothers used to make! But yours are much hipper! Pinning!

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