DIY Bedazzled-Motorcycle…


The other day I was with my friend Doveen in Hong Kong and we both stopped, jaws dropped when we saw this machine rocked out in studs and crystals.  Top to bottom, end to end, helmet, gloves, every square inch embellished and this was no mini-bike!  It was a lot of bling.   Shamelessly, I whip out my camera so I could show you all.




Those gloves were totally scary.  I later came across one of those silver index finger cover thingies.  Somehow, I just don’t think it would have the same effect with my knit gloves from Nepal.  The rider loved the attention as he asked, "do you want to take my picture?"  I got a muscle power pose and I think Doveen maybe got a peace sign.   Dude, you are so cool!


  1. I know where there are three you can work on.
    I can see Coop and Butch sparkling down the road.
    John and Rita

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