I’ve been collecting big and funky rings since high school—essentially 10 years.  I find them in thrift stores, garage sales, boutiques, and many have been gifts.  Old and new, I love them.  This is my latest find from Pylones, one of my favorite stores on the planet. I have four Pylones rings now and I adore them because they are fun and cost friendly-my kind of style.  I think the collection of rings started because I wore a lot of vintage clothing from the thrift store.  With a love for jewelry, I was always picking up chunky bracelets or dinner rings.  The rings stuck and after all these years I have quite a stash.  I think Carrot Box’s "before and after" is the best illustration of why I think big rings are so cool.  Check it out here.  Every time I see her photos, I think, "exactly!"  Check out her fabulous collection too!

P.S. Off topic, check out Ornamentea’s Hearts page….some perfect valentines for your favorite jewelry maker.

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