Doin’ the DIY Shuffle…

Make that Crafty DIY shuffle.


Yesterday a friend and I hopped the 8:30 ferry to Hong Kong for a day of crafty shopping.  Mission accomplished.  We checked out the new Spotlight store, which reminds me of a JoAnn Fabrics Bed, Bath and Beyond fusion.  It was a solid hour of pouring over all things lovely and crafty.  Then we had lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen.  3 words.  Crunchy Thai Salad.  Awesome.

After lunch we road the MTR over to the DIY market in the Sham Shui Po district; several rows and blocks of craft supplies… bulk.  Yes, it makes your eyes bulge.


Do you know the scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where Willy Wonka shows them the candy room? Yeah, it’s like that.  The sun always shines on this place.


Bags, buckets, baskets, drawers, and more are loaded with beads and charms.  Reel after reel of ribbon and trim.  Countless bead woven creatures made with Swarovski crystals.  It is insane.


Here’s a few of my favorite finds from there. If you are crafty and heading to Hong Kong, you don’t want to leave this off the travel itinerary.  Give yourself at least two hours to take it all in….if not a day!


  1. And I am thrilled when I make it 40 miles away to get to the closest Michael’s store! What a cool trip you had.

  2. ooooh, I want one of everything!! what a great shopping trip!

  3. This looks like my idea of heaven. I so want that little deer.

  4. Wow! Talk about your sensory overload! Amazing!
    What an adventure you’re on!

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