How’s That Song Go???

Bliiiiiiiiinded by the light birds….  Revved up like a…(chime in if you want to)


Are these suckers bright or what?!?!  I picked them up at Ikea and had I known they were going to make those two points behind your eyebrows go nuts (you’re squinting right now just thinking about it), I would have stuck to one.   Seriously, it’s as if I’m looking directly into the sun or someone welding. So, yep, no fireworks for me tonight (had enough of those to last me 10 years in February anyways—ok, who am I kidding?!?  I love Roman Candles! And writing my name with Sparklers!).  I’ll just be hanging out on the patio with a couple psychedelic, alien-esque blue birds.  Hope you all have a super 4th! 

P.S.  Sorry if Blinded By the Light is stuck in your head the rest of the day (like mine).  I feel terrible. Really.

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