Winter Aid

DSCF7501 Y'all know I needed some winter aid if you read yesterday's post. I was pretty over the ice and brisk wind and numb fingers and toes.  Here's the thing though and tell me if you feel the same—I love the ambiance of a pretty winter day IF you don't have to  venture out  (unless it's a hike with sweetie, Rocker, of course).  Yesterday, the flakes were absolutely dreamy as they wistfully sailed by the window and I felt like I was in one of those snow globes that I've always wanted to make (see: "winter wonderland in a jar."  Boy, I do love Martha).  Dreamy or not, the fall brought me back to reality.  And how!

DSCF7509One thing I do to beat the chill is to cook something simple that has garlic or onions, and butter because well, you know why.  It smells amazing.  Second thing to do is make some muffins or biscuits so you have a reason to fire up the oven.  I also lit a couple candles and started a fire.  I totally act like I know what I'm doing, but truthfully by Feb 18th I'll be ready to burn my mittens and move to Florida.  You feel me?


So this is a long awaited carrot soup recipe that I've been wanting to try.  Last night I found myself with a heap of carrots that needed used so away I went.  I called a long distance friend while I peeled and chopped and it was so nice to catch up.  Which, while I'm thinking about it, I'm so happy it doesn't cost 87 cents a minute to talk long distance anymore.  Aren't you?  Ok, the soup recipe:  It hit the spot!  I had to make a few modifications because *I didn't read carefully because  I run back and forth to the living area where my computer is.  Because, firstly I don't want to put my Mac in the kitchen where soup or wine or stock could spill on the keyboard and fry it.  This has happened to a few friends and because I haven't bought Apple Support like said friends suggest, I'm not going there!  Why not print it?  Well,  the first is because I'm cheap when it comes to using my ink.  But let's say it was ink worthy, I can't seem to get a printer driver downloaded for my HP printer that is compatible with Mac.  Heh.  This is my life!  Crikey.

Ok back to the soup modifications:  I put one T of red curry paste and a couple dashes of cayenne pepper because the word on the review street was it was pretty spicy.  I added one can of pumpkin (*because my soup was too thin) and a T of brown sugar.  I also added dashes of  both pumpkin pie spice and ginger.  Yes, it got a little crazy.  Some of the reviews said it was too salty so be careful there.  Add a splash of cream or half and half and hit it with a cilantro garnish.  Done.  I loved it and can't wait to have a bowl for lunch.

P.S.  For all you beautiful nostalgics out there, I included the old school woven hot pad that my sister scored a set of at a flea market (thanks, Carrie!) in the finished soup shot.  Sweet, huh?  I have a loom or three down in my studio if anyone wants to come over and weave their own.  You know you want to.