Locomotive No. 765

Locomotive no. 765 in WabashLocomotive no. 765DSC_21211Locomotive no. 765 in Wabash, IndianaLocomotive no. 765 came through town a couple weeks ago.  It’s a passenger train.  My mom was having a fit I was standing so close to the tracks taking pictures.  I turned to get out of the way and then she was the one standing too close.  Ok kettle.  The whistle was exactly how you want a “choo-choo” train to sound.  It rained tiny crumbs of coal.  The passengers waved.  We waved back.  Drones flew overhead. Pennies were smashed.  Needless to say, times have changed…but not.

There were people from all over th midwest to see this train pass through town.  Remarkable.

The dog days of summer are here and things have slowed down as much as they will with travel.  We are living on sweet corn and tomatoes (and a little ice cream…ok a lot says the girl who had a diet coke float for lunch).

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I’m off to get ready for our yard sale!