Making Rainbows


Hello there!  This is my little window herb garden that's kept me going through winter.  Rosemary, mint, and lavender (left to right).  Nothing beats sweet potato fries with fresh minced rosemary and sea salt.  It's almost time to put them back outside.  Yay!  The other thing I wanted to show you are the prisms we hung over the weekend.  Yep, it's rainbow city at about 8:30 AM here (sun willing).


This picture doesn't do the room justice because there are a hundred rainbows bouncing from ceiling to the floor.  Trust me, it makes you feel so happy.  The prism thing started when I was a kid.  My gram has three or four hanging in each window in the living room from pretty ribbons. Us girls would sleep on the floor or couch and wake up to what seemed like a million rainbows.  Magical.  You can pick prisms up for $6 and up depending on the size.  Both gram and I agree that the smaller ones with simple facets make the best rainbows—bigger isn't always better maybe?  This might be a case for Myth Busters. Well, actually, I know that to be true because just the other day I was wearing Swarovski droplet earrings that made rainbows all over the car.  Hmm, I know someone out there knows the reasoning for this.  Until then, I'll just keep letting the light in.