3 DIY Valentine Ideas

3 DIY Valentine Ideas from @candiecooper.I’ve had this project in my stash for almost two years!  It all started when Canson sent a box of their amazing  printable papers.Canson watercolor paperDefinitely the watercolor paper is my favorite to print on, but they come in all sorts of papers.DIY Valentine idea with Canson paperThe first photo I altered in PicMonkey, adding the Polaroid frame.  It came out distressed like this.  So easy to mount with the Canson photo corners onto scrapbook paper.  Then I added the XOXO embellishment.  Sweet and simple.DIY Valentine with photoSame idea here except this time I punched holes around the edge and laced it with chunky yarn.  Lacing.  This simple stitched border makes my heart flutter in all it’s homemade-ness.  Perfect for grandma!Handmade Valentine's IdeaThe last idea is a fave.  My friend sent some scans of a little bug drawing by her daughter, Lily.  I printed them and colored with Koi watercolor markers from Sakura.DIY Valentines with children's artYour kids would have a blast coloring their own art work (obviously)!Hand drawn valentinesBecause these were intended to be Valentines (and that I love layers and hearts and needed an excuse to add more), these little love bugs got a set of heart wings made from scrapbooking paper.Homemade Valentines IdeaMount them on solid paper and you’re ready to rock, Valentine!

Valentine’s Box Idea

Valentine Mailbox Idea from @candiecooperValentine’s day is coming!  I was picking up photos the other day at the drugstore and came to a screeching halt when I looked up to see the wall of valentine treats.  My heart fluttered.  Not gonna lie.  Heart shaped chocolate boxes, tacky silk roses, boxes of valentines and conversation hearts.  Oh. be. still.

This is a project I made a couple years back and I thought I’d share.  It’s a valentine mailbox using a vintage purse.  Something my little self would have loved to collect valentines in.Valentine's Box IdeaIt doesn’t take much:  a purse, some embellishments, ribbon and Mod Podge.  The paint is pretty optional.  If you’re a craft supply hoarder like me, you’ve got the stash ready!Valentines Box with Mod PodgeMod Podge your paper pieces on.  Hot glue til’ ya drop the rest.Valentine's Purse MailboxTie short pieces of ribbon onto the handle and away you go!